Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Well that was emotional

Just got in from watching Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  What an emotional roller coaster that was!! It's a good job I was sat at the back on my own because I cried all the way through (what can I say, I'm an emotional person)

The seat of solitude
Not as good as the book but still good nonetheless.  I left the cinema feeling emotionally drained.

mmmmm Liam or Chris which to choose
They missed out a few bits and the beginning was really sped up - I found this with the first movie too, I was actually quite bored until the hunger games began, whereas the book I was drawn in from the start.  My problem with the first film is I was very shallow and really wanted Gale to be the one she ends up with because he's so hot (I could stare at him all day, why Miley dumped him I'll never know - just look at his gorgeous face to the left) and Peter isn't good looking and is a bit of a sap.  I don't think the movie really shows him off in the best light either, in the book you're really rooting for him and you see what a good person he is but I don't think it came across that way in the film.  Also I imagined Finnick to be taller, broader and more masculine - more of a Jason Statham type.  It was good though overall.  I LOVE Lenny Kravitz in it. I could stare at him all day too...

Also I just realised, all the books I read recently have strong female characters beginning with K (Katniss, Kahlan, Khalisee) - odd or are they all copying each other?

On the way home from work we got caught in a thunderstorm.  I know I keep banging on about the rain but it's just incredible.  One minute it's sunny and pleasant, literally the next minute it suddenly starts to pour down.  Today's rain was immense - literally like a power shower all around you.  I don't know how it happened but in the 3 min walk to the taxi, my bum got drenched but nothing else did - I guess maybe my bum was sticking out of the protection my umbrella provided?!  We soaked the taxi driver's car which I felt a bit guilty about.  Here's a video of the rain:

It was like that for a good half hour. It was pretty scary driving in it but the taxi man is used to it. Then as quickly as it started, it stopped and we drove into dryness - literally in a space of about 10 metres it was pouring it down then nothing.

view from the train this morning

i don't actually know what this is but it cost 75p.

a water feature 

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