Thursday, 28 November 2013

A leisurely Sunday

I went to bed late on Saturday.  I went for a buffet all you can eat BBQ dinner with my colleague, which was quite nice - got loads of gossip, had one of the best steaks I have ever eaten, and it all went onto my colleague's bill, so good all round.  Then I skyped my mum and Tim and then just ended up faffing about and didn't go to bed till midnight.  I put my room to 'no service', turned off my alarm and had a lovely long lie in, waking up just in time for breakfast before they stopped it.

I then headed to the pool (I am on to book 3 of sword of truth series) and put a good dent in the book. I chilled out till about 1.30 when I realised I had been really lazy and ought to get off my lazy butt and go do something.  I thought I would be cultural, so jumped into a taxi and went to the National Singapore Museum.  Which was awful.  Maybe it was just me being a ditz, but the only exhibition I could see was one about how TV came to Singapore, and featured lots of costumes from famous Singaporean TV shows - which I wasn't interested in.  They also had an art gallery, but I wasn't that fussed.  I was probably in the museum for all of ten minutes before I decided to head out.


how polite

reminded me of the wedding of the year

I decided to head in the direction of the sea, and ended up outside the Singapore Flyer (Singapore's answer to the London Eye except a bit taller)  I thought, what the hell, and purchased a pricey ticket to go on the half hour ride.  I ended up in a capsule with 5 other people, so it wasn't at all crowded which was nice.

the net is to stop you falling if you missed getting on the thing

don't look down!

marina barrage

It was quite relaxing, and the views are good, but to be honest it isn't worth the price tag - it works out about £16.  Though one of the plus points was it showed me where I wanted to head to next - the Marina Barrage.

I got off the 'flyer', found a way to cross the river, and headed down in the direction of the barrage.  On the way I passed the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome - not fussed about the Flower Dome but the Cloud Forest looked pretty cool. it has a big waterfall in it and I do like a waterfall.  Annoyingly you can only buy tickets for both, not individual domes, so I decided to pass for the day, but might go next weekend if I have more time.

cloud dome

I eventually made it to the Marina Barrage - which I loved.  Obviously there's a barrage there but they also have a big building containing the pump house, and it is architecturally sculptured in a way that you can go up onto its roof.  I walked up the hill and sat down for about an hour just people watching.  There were loads of people flying kites - proper kites, I counted about 30 in the sky at one point.  My favourite one was one that looked like Superman, and the kite tails were his legs.  I eventually moved when I thought I might be garroted by one guy who didn't seem to have much control over his kite (for those of you who went on Amy's hen do - it was a bit like me and Martha with my kite, except his was a million times bigger and better than mine and probably cost more than £3)

The sun was beginning to set so I decided to head back to my hotel as I had the joyous task of laundry to do.  on the way back I walked past a giant yoga class, so stopped to watch - having done a few yoga positions I know how hard it was, and it was amusing watching some men really struggle and some women do it perfectly.

I thought it would be a bit different, so got the 'water taxi' back. (read - boat).  It did make me laugh - the guy said the boat would be leaving in ten minutes, and then I had to change at the next stop and get another boat. I asked if it were quicker to walk to the next stop and get the boat direct from there, but he looked at me in surprise and said it would take me an hour to walk there.  I went with his option and got the boat (I had it all to myself, it was lovely) and then when I realised where the next stop was, I had to laugh - I have walked past it loads and it takes ten minutes max.

The next boat I got was busier and everyone was on the back outside bit, so I settled for inside.  The captain was playing a soundtrack featuring piano versions of classics such as "Can you feel the love tonight" and "Candle in the wind" so I totally mellowed out and started to feel a bit weird.  Then started to wonder if I could have "Can you feel the love tonight" as the first dance song when I get married - or is it too cheesy?  Probably the latter. Maybe I could balance it out with LMFAO's Sexy and I know it.  I think I am getting a bit too carried away aren't I.

I went for dinner at my nearly favourite place in the whole world (that's a really bold claim to make and I don't know if it really is my favourite place, hence the nearly).  I had Kimchi prawn salad and Lime and Ginger soda, and for pudding I had cappuccino cheesecake - their puds look delicious and I have held off them for 5 weeks, but this week I gave in... look at this baby!

When I paid my bill I told the waiter that I wished they had branches in the UK, and the guy next to him said "well open one up and I will come work for you, I want to go to Stamford Bridge and see Chelsea play."  Sorted - I even have staff to run the place.

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