Monday, 4 November 2013

...Day Two

Met my work colleague at my hotel and we went for a stroll to find a cafe to do some work in.  Did a few hours handover, felt massively overwhelmed about what I had to do, then packed up the laptops and went exploring.  Wandered over to China town (huge shopping mall filled with Chinese related items - basically an indoor London's China town), and a few other malls in Clarke Quay.

Had lunch then made plans to meet up again to go to the Marina Bay Sands hotel to have cocktails on the roof.

I went home and fell asleep for 4 hours - forced myself to wake up and got ready to go out.  I was a bit light in packing 'going out' clothes so probably should have looked a bit smarter but ah well.   We got a taxi to Marina Bay Sands and wandered around it for a bit looking for the right lift - it's a bit of a maze and reminds me of Canary Wharf.

We weren't allowed to sit outside because where it had rained the floor was a bit wet, though we dind't mind this the waiters did and moved us along to the other side of the bar overlooking the sea.  We sat and had cocktails and dinner - I had wagyu beef broth (wasn't great, basically a bowl of bovril with wagyu beef and noodles) and colleague had scallops.  It was rather posh - the waiters weren't particularly friendly or happy to serve us, but then again I guess at that height and working in that location people don't go there for the customer service.  Sat for ages, then went to the other side and saw a bit of the laser show.  Wandered slowly back to Clarke Quay, stopped off at a nice bar on the river for one more before bed.  lots of photos taken - see below!

view from the sky bar

view from the sky bar

the famous infinity pool

a really terrible photo of my dinner

the helix bridge

took this photo especially for Mark H

it's a shame this is a pants photo, it was an old guy riding this lit up bike with speakers blaring out tunes on the back.

the marina bay sands hotel from a distance

blurry unfortunately but reminded me of Gotham City

Clarke Quay

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