Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hump day

Whenever people mention hump day, I automatically assume they mean hump to be sex.  I don't know why, maybe my mind is just constantly in the gutter.

Anyway today is Wednesday.  Last night I didn't blog because a) not much happened and b) I was at the pub quiz and c) we didn't win

Today after work I headed off to look at another hotel. The hotel I am in now is lovely, but it's really far from work, the commute is around an hour and a half worst, an hour and fifteen at best.  Plus, I am now sharing it with a work colleague - and I don't really want to keep bumping into him on my down time after spending all day with him.  The new hotel is nice, bigger room, and cheaper, and closer to the MRT station, but the pool's not as big and the view isn't as nice (first world problems) and I am actually really comfortable in my hotel now - so I need to make a decision really.

After checking out the hotel I decided to take a stroll round the area.  I headed down to Suntec City, yet another massive mall that Singapore has to offer.  Inside this mall is the "Fountain of Wealth", a grotesque name for the world's largest water fountain (well it was in 1998, not sure about now).  Being a tourist, I love this sort of thing and so sought it out especially.  I got distracted on the way in by some clothes shops and bought some unnecessary tops, but they were in the sale and I ended up buying 3 for £10, bargain.

Anyway I digress - I found the fountain, wasn't very impressed, then walked the long way home to get some exercise.

Photos below!

Singapore Art Museum

It's hard to feel Christmassy in 30 deg heat

Fountain of Wealth


  1. The fountain looks quite impressive to me!! Are there no other hotels that are better, closer and have a bigger pool than your one at the moment? I think I would try a new hotel every week! Lisi xxx

  2. Haha the lazy part of me can't be bothered to pack up my suitcases and move!!! Kinda made myself at home here lol...if you fancy doing some hotel research feel free, I know how much you love to do that sort of thing :) xxx

  3. I like the Forest Serviced Apartments - you should stay there! Then you can cook for yourself sometimes too :)


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