Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tuesday's quiz day (i really need to think of more inventive titles)

Woke up to a storm this morning, it was so miserable out! The sun usually rises between 6.30 and 7, and it's always light by the time I go down for breakfast - but not today!! Look below - so wet and dark and miserable, you can't even see the buildings in the background.

After work I had a quick swim then headed out to a pub quiz that Lisa's friend's mum had invited me to - she's an expat out here and Lisa very kindly put  me in touch with her - thanks!!!

The quiz was in an Aussie bar I have walked past a few times and literally 5 mins walk away from my hotel, so very handy.  Now being a bit of a quiz connoisseur, I can state that it was a fairly good quiz.  I would give it a 6.8/10.  Decent timing, not too hard, decent variety of rounds.  I am not scoring it higher because I didn't know the answer to over 50% of the questions - but that's my fault for not being born earlier.  One round was a picture round all to do with colours, this was a fun round with 5 photos in 5 different categories all relating to colours, so for example one category was album covers and the band name was something colourful (Simply Red, Greenday etc), another round was a 'link' round where it was seemingly random questions but they all linked together somehow (in this instance all the answers were MRT stations).

I was a great help, getting all the important stuff like the members of One Direction, Aqua's album cover and Bruno Mars's real name. High brow, me.

The lady I met was lovely and has invited me round for dinner at her house on Thursday - score! Will be nice having someone to eat dinner with. Both her and the other quiz member, Ian, said I should travel whilst I am here - Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali and Malaysia are all within a maximum 2 hour flight. I am very tempted, but it would be so much more fun to go with someone I know - I am hoping to meet someone who I get on with and is free the same time I am so I can head across the border to Malaysia or potentially one of the Indonesian islands. Fingers crossed!

Anyway short blog today because not too much happened - I also forgot to mention when I was chatting to the Badminton guy on Sunday, we got talking about national service.  All Singaporean males have to do 2 years of national service after school and before university.  You get stationed in particular areas, and he was a medic for two years.  Now this is the horrible it - they didn't have anyone to practice on, and so they practised on each other, which involved learning how to administer injections - apparently the needles were the size of yakult straws and hurt like hell. Nice!

Anyway that's it for tonight, I don't even really have any photos.  Looking through my phone you can have a photo of the view from the pub, and a limited edition Marc de Champagne Magnum (I would have taken a photo of the actual icecream, as the chocolate was pink and glittery, but it didn't wait long enough for me to take a photo because it jumped into my mouth).  I first saw this advertised on the back of a bus and thought "I have to have this!" so well done advertisers, well done.

Oh and I almost forgot, I saw this linked on FB (thanks Leanne) and it made me laugh. www.mycatisadick.com. Enjoy!

Pretty and tasty, what more could you want?


  1. You are very welcome! Also, just out of interest, what is Bruno Mars' real name?


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