Friday, 27 February 2015

Sorry Kim K, a dress broke the internet, not you

I love this. I bloody love it.  Marc sent it to me this morning and I was like 'errrr what, I don't get it' because it's SO OBVIOUSLY A BLUE AND BLACK bodycon dress. But Liz said she saw white and gold, so I showed it so some colleagues, and they saw white and gold too, and then I thought it was one big trick and everyone goes for the option it OBVIOUSLY isn't because that's the cool thing to do.

But no, they really do believe it's white and gold! How crazy is that!!!

I also love that the top 10 things trending on Buzzfeed are all bloody pages on this bloody dress.  AND that 70% of buzzfeed pollers thing it's white and gold WHEN IT IS CLEARLY BLACK AND BLUE AND THE LADY WHO BOUGHT THE DRESS CONFIRMED THIS.

Fascinating how the eyes work. What else have my eyes been lying to me about?! Is the grass green? Is the sky blue? What is BLUE?! (not white, that's for sure).

What colour do you think it is?

Monday, 23 February 2015

Pizza on a bus

In the interests of keeping the blog up to date and keeping Lisa and Leanne satisfied, here's a mini slightly unadventurous update...

Friday I met Gad after work and we went on an unintentional pub crawl.  I wanted to take him to the 'sexy bar' as I like to call it, however drinks are quite pricey so we started off in the cheaper pubs (Wetherspoons! classy bird!) before heading to the sexy bar, The Old Bengal Bar, in Liverpool St.  It's very dark, has exposed brick work, mirrored walls and red leather seats. Plus the piece de resistance - free peanuts! What more could you ask for!! After our fill of peanuts we headed to Pizza East but the queue was a crazy one hour long, so we ran for the train back to Peckham and stumbled across The Crust Conductor and the Brick Brewery.  I highly recommend both!  The Crust Conductor is an old red London bus with a pizza oven in the back and seating on the top deck - I love a gimmick and this is a great one!!! The pizzas were on the pricey side (circa £8 - not the largest either) but very nice, and the beer is fresh as it's made on site.  There's also fairy lights, home made seating, a barrel that's on fire for warmth and enough hipsters to knit an extra large snood with their beard and bun hair.  It's good!

Saturday I was ever so slightly hungover (don't down cocktails, kids!) and dragged myself out of bed to go shopping with Bex. Embarrassingly I had forgotten my purse and she had to pay for everything all day - love her! Spent too much money and still haven't managed to get any walking boots for my impending USA trip, whoops!  In the eve (after a power nap) we went to the Old Blue Last for Kim and Stu's birthday. I like it in there - nice music, nice vibe, but manky toilets.

Sunday I did the hardest hot yoga session yet - it was a real struggle. I think mainly because it was a variety of holding poses for a long time added to very quick sun salutations so it was much more of a work out than previous ones I have been to - achey today!  I then met Gad in central where his company were having a meet up with past and future volunteers, joined them for dinner, went for a few drinks and headed home tired but happy! The weather was pretty miserable which was a shame as there was lots of festivities on for Chinese New Year, but all the lanterns looked a bit bedraggled under the weight of the rain and wind. Roll on Summer!!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Best Valentine's Weekend EVER

happy valentine's day!

This post is dedicated to Lisa and Leanne, both of whom moaned that I hadn't updated my blog for over 2 weeks. (I am just happy they noticed!)

I haven't really been up to anything too exciting, I have mainly spent my evenings doing hot yoga (so far I have discovered it isn't very fun when you need to fart and that my favourite position is upward facing dog) or swimming, and I talked enough about both of those last time.  AND I haven't kept to my resolution of more sofa nights - I am not really sure what I have been doing with my evenings to be honest.

Last weekend was "V day" as I like to call it, and it was BRILLIANT.  On the Friday I went on a date. It went really well, we ate loads of chinese food, drank lots of alcohol, laughed a bucket load and I was a very happy bunny on the way home. I didn't even mind the bus was on diversion, the bus driver got lost and had to take directions from the passengers.

On Saturday, actual V day, I headed over to Putney for brunch with Jen and Bex and had a long overdue catch up over brunch in Bill's. We then headed to Soho where we saw the funniest thing I have seen in a while - Dracula! (Mr Swallow: The Musical).  I highly recommend this - it's only an hour long but I belly guffawed the entire time.

Afterwards we headed out for some drinks - me, Bex and Jen broke away from the main group and found an amazing little spot called Pacata (4 New Row, Covent Garden) as the pub we had gathered in was very busy and we couldn't sit down.  Pacata is amazing - the service was fantastic, the decor cosy and the food and drink great.  We shared some bar snacks and had some interesting beer based cocktails and continued with our catch up.  Just a little shout out to them too - we have been friends for 11 years and it makes me so happy we still get on just as well as we did when we were in Year 7 with our wonky teeth, boy hair cuts and puppy fat. I love them with all my hearts!

cheers to my lovely friends, here's to another 11 years xxx

Sunday was 2nd date (he's keen, I love it!) which went just as well as the first.  We strolled round my endz, found a shop that sold vintage matchboxes in Peckham (seriously! I did buy did he), ate Mexican in Brixton Village, played pool in MY FAVOURITE PLACE EVER the Dogstar, then headed home and chilled out in my manor. He had suggested going to the Kate Tempest gig in Brixton (amazing choice) but it was sold out, so instead we lit some candles, turned the lights down low and watched her videos on YouTube instead and pretended we were there. We also had a typing speed competition and a geography test, typical second date activities I am sure you'll agree.  He's definitely a keeper! (hopefully I am not jinxing it by writing those very words). Third, Forth and Fifth dates already planned. Sweet!

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Where did January go?

I can't believe it's Feb 1st already. Where did the last month go?!  I think that as I get older, time gets quicker - it's some weird physics space-time contiuum thing. (I just googled space-time contiuum and it's not that, I have no idea what that is).  It probably helped I kept myself very busy - my January weeks have consisted of:

Monday - some form of exercise or Spanish homework
Tuesday - Spanish lessons
Wednesday - Spanish homework then swimming training
Thursday - Spanish lessons
Friday - some form of social event or Spanish homework or collapsing on the sofa
Weekends - exercise or social events

My forms of exercise have included a couple of 2.5k swims in Crystal Palace pool, lots of walking and running (the bus strike the other week led me to walk 8 miles in one day, which showed me it wasn't that hard to do, so I have been walking to and from Holborn for my Spanish lessons. I tried to run it once too but that was much harder and my legs hurt and I gave up and got a bus), and a 6 mile bike ride to Battersea Park last weekend. (it's meant to be 5 miles but I kept getting lost - how do people know where they're going on bikes! is there a bike sat nav?).  It was my first big long road bike ride and I only got tooted at once, woohoo! I did jump out of my skin though, and then swear at the taxi driver who tooted.

I met Bex at Battersea Park so we could go to their mini zoo thing.  It isn't great, and is very much geared for children, but we did have fun.  We spent a long portion of the time trying to get selfies with different animals, this proved quite difficult.

Emu selfie

Mouse selfie (it is in the food bowl)

this pig made great noises

pensive meercat

I also tried my first hot yoga class, which Sepha roped me in to doing.  I did yoga once before in my gym, and found it really hard and didn't enjoy it that much.  I was very nervous for my first class at Hot Power Yoga and turned up super early as I had to register and stuff.  We had opted for a 90 minute session (!!!!) as PAYG is £16 so you get more for your buck.  The staff were really friendly, showed me round and told me what to expect.  Sepha let me borrow her spare yoga mat and we grabbed a spot in the middle of the class so it would be easier to see everyone to copy what was going on.  She'd assured me that when I got tired or it got too much I was allowed to rest in 'child's position' which sounded good to me.  I was particularly terrified of my dodgy hips giving way and me getting stuck in some weird position and having to have an ambulance come and extract me.  Or maybe even the firemen like when people get stuck in swings and stuff and have to be cut out.

That'll be me next month! (image source -

As it turned out, it was amazing. I really enjoyed it.  My one and only yoga class prior had prepared me well, and I knew the basics like downward dog (that still makes me snigger).  I had taken my watch in with me so I could keep track of the time, however I didn't look at it once as I was so engrossed in the yoga.  Because of the heat of the room (it seems really hot when you enter but you soon get used to it - they keep their studios around 30deg rather than the 40deg of a typical Bikram studio) my muscles seemed a lot more flexible than usual and I found it much easier to get into positions and hold them.

I was a little uncomfortable with the 3 'ommmmmmms' at the beginning, however Sepha had said that by the end I would be 'ommmmmm'ing with gusto as I got into it - and she was right.  I think my favourite part of the session was the end where the instructor dimmed the lights and we lay back and relaxed - if only every exercise class ended with a relaxation session at the end!

I felt very long and bendy after the session and my hips felt really good - so I have signed up to their £40 for 30 days offer which I'll start when I have finished my Spanish lessons.

The end of January also marks the end of my self imposed dry January spell.  I *may* have broken it a day early (though some months are 30 days long so it sort of counts right?), tempted to the pub by Becky after a long week at work - the unplanned nights are the fun ones and we made friends with some random people in the pub and ended the night with spinny room and morning hangover.  I hate spinny room. I think I would rather vomit than have spinny room.  I was quite proud of myself though - January saw 3 dates, 5 pub nights and one night out without a drop of alcohol passing my lips.  Twice I really wanted a drink - one night after a long day of work and there was a cold Rekordelig in the fridge, and the other time was on a date when I messed up timings and we missed the cinema showing then had to rush to Brixton to catch another showing, but missed that one too because the bus was on diversion.  When I was a teenager I never craved alcohol, I only really drank to get drunk, but now I see it as a relaxant.  This worries me slightly, and after my spinny room hungover session on Saturday (I only had 2 G&Ts and a pint of cider) I am considering restricting my alcohol intake.  I don't think I have a problem per se, but I enjoy it a lot more than I used to, and that could be a slippery road to go down!

My aims for February are to complete as many yoga classes as possible in my 30 day session, chill out a bit more (I want some more sofa nights!), and sort out all the stuff for my impending USA trip.  1 month down, 11 to go! It's that space-time contiuum thing again.