Thursday, 21 November 2013


Today I got to speak to two of my favourite (I have quite a few favourites to be fair) people at work. It was nice hearing their voices and we had a catch up on what I have been missing, which isn't a lot by the sounds of it.

I got the train home with one of the girls who works upstairs. She's adorable, a little bundle of energy with a huge smile.  She recently went to Cambodia for the weekend and brought me back two gifts which was entirely unexpected and incredibly sweet.

Invariably we talked about boys and swapped relationship stories. Turns out last year she was engaged to be married to her boyfriend of 10 years but he called it off last minute because he came clean to tell her he'd had a 1 night stand and had got a girl pregnant (she was 5 months by this point). Wow. I think she's so great to have got through that and still be so happy and bubbly. What a horrible betrayal. Anyway we were then slagging off men and swapping dating stories ( I recalled my speed dating story as they don't have speed dating here).  She then got off a few stops before me and a guy sat down in her place. He then states "I was pissing myself laughing at your conversation". Oops! I was slightly embarrassed, and then started laughing hysterically to cover the embarrassment, which only made me feel more silly. We had a brief conversation but I had to get off the train as it was my stop.

As I was walking home there was loads of incredible lightning. I wish I could capture it in a photo but I don't think it would work. It was like a scene from fantasia, with bolts of lightning peeking from behind clouds and others escaping across the sky. It was just incredible.

I went for a brief run too, never thought I'd say this but felt good to be stretching my legs properly. I probably didn't run very far but it was a scenic route up the river.
No photos today I'm afraid!


  1. Nice to hear you were stretching your legs - will you come back any taller? ;)

  2. with bolts of lightning peeking from behind clouds and others escaping across the sky. Hehehe

  3. He has a point, how can a bold of lightning 'peek' from behind a cloud?


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