Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Not much happened today but in an effort to get into the habit of doing a post a day I ought to write something....

My Singapore colleagues are absolutely lovely - so helpful and amusing.  I think they see me as a novelty as they all try and help me lots and ask me lots of non work related questions.  Today I went for lunch at the hawker centre again, this time I had fish, rice, and two portions of veg in an attempt to be healthy.  I love the atmosphere of the centre - it's bustling with all sorts of people.  I finished lunch with an avocado milkshake - sounds gross but it was lovely and refreshing.

My colleagues were all complaining about the heat today - it's about 32deg and apparently that's too hot for this time of year, it's usually 28deg.  I am pretty pants at temperatures and to me anything over 25deg is hot and I can't tell the difference if its 28deg or 38deg! I am perfectly happy with the temperature though, especially as UK people keep telling me how cold it's getting!!

I ended up getting the bus and MRT home with 2 girls who work with me, we had lots of interesting conversations ranging from skin make up to doctors to pensions (Sinagpore don't have them so many people never actually retire until they physically cannot work), one of the girls had never seen snow before and wanted to know what it was like!  She's going to Cambodia next week, apparently it costs about $100 and the flight is under 2 hours...I am so tempted to go for a weekend, but it's the kind of thing that would be much more fun with someone else.

Today it hadn't stormed so my plan was to head home, get changed then go and explore Fort Canning Park as it's right by my hotel.  I got off the MRT a few stops early to get more exercise/see more scenery, and headed home.  Now I love Singapore, but I don't love the fact it gets dark so early!!! Because we're near the equator, the sun rises and sets between 6.30/7, so by the time I got home and changed it was dark.

Singapore is very safe, but I still didn't fancy going into a dark park on my own, so bypassed it and found a massive mall right by it instead.  It was basically a Westfield, very boring and bland - and I don't think anything can make you feel lonelier than a busy shopping centre filled with people your age all having fun!!! I didn't bother looking in any shops apart from a fish shop in the basement which sold terrapins for about £2!!! I found a place for some dinner, ate and headed home for a swim in the pool.  It was bliss and I had the pool to myself  which makes a very nice change from the crowded London pools.

Anyway here's some photos from the day:

that's right, a George....

80% of the population live in government built apartment blocks like this

i think i prefer this porterhouse to the cov garden one

clarke quay

is it weird to love a plastic carrier bag? i love this one...


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