Monday, 25 November 2013

I'm safe from Dracula tonight

I finished on time today and rushed to get the bus as it was tipping it down.  Luckily it was only drizzling by the time I got to the MRT station the other end, so I walked a leisurely pace home with my colleague.  I think because of the leisurely pace I was walking at, I had a lot of energy still so managed to do an hour in the gym.  I am onto the next Sword of Truth book and managed to prop up my tablet on the treadmill so I had something to do whilst running - it worked a treat!

Anyway - after the gym I showered and headed into Clarke Quay for dinner as I haven't properly explored it yet.  After wandering round the restaurants I settled on this place Mad For Garlic.  I would say 90% of the menu contained garlic, including the drinks and the desserts....

 I refrained from a garlic drink and instead opted for a 'kitty', a red wine and ginger ale concoction which was delicious and tasted a bit of sangria. I will certainly be trying to recreate it at home.  For my main, I chose the showpiece - the garlic snowing pizza.  They have a massive board outside the restaurant showing how many of these pizzas have been sold worldwide, so I thought I would add to the number. 

 Now I am not sure why it is called a snowing pizza, I had visions of them bringing it out and they would drizzle garlic in front of me like snow, but no such thing happened.  Instead what did happen was I spotted a cockroach run across the floor aiming for my foot, and I yelped (embarrassingly) and spent the rest of my meal sitting on my legs too afraid to put them on the floor.  

The pizza was interesting.  Instead of cheese it has a garlicy sauce, and is then covered in crunchy garlic and roasted garlic and pineapple and prawns. Such a strange concoction but it did sort of work.    I really wanted to try a garlic dessert (garlic berry icecream anyone?) but I was really full from the pizza and a little bit scared of the cockroach, so decided to call it a day.  

Weirdly in Singapore, everyone seems surprised when card machines ask you for a pin.  Each restaurant I have been into, the waiter has had to come out and say 'sorry ma'am, the machine is asking for your pin' and I have to go inside to use the machine, because they don't have those portable ones like in the UK. It's funny the things you take for granted.

Anyway that's enough typing for one night!

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