Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Microblog 2

Oh man. I'm terrible at this blogging lark. Let me start with a Facebook status I wrote summing up 2017:

For me when i think of 2017 I think of uncertainty, instability, injuries and not the greatest mental health (I went a bit weird when I turned 30). But I just had to scroll through my timeline to check on something and it reminded me that 2017 was also about a LOT of love and support (that sometimes came from the most unexpected of places), adventures, surprise and not surprise visits, new friends and additions to the clan. I love my UK and kiwi family and wish we could all be together all the time and not separated by time zones and lots of water.  I hope 2018 will be more stable, filled with even more love and less injuries - this is my hope for both me and the world. Haha. Happy New Year peeps.

And an update on previous entries:

We survived the swim! 1h30 which is super slow and the winner did it in 36mins. Mad. But I didn't do it to win, I did it to do it and I was proud of myself. I didn't freak out- Dan being there calmed me down and at the beginning 2 people needed rescuing by lifeguards which a bit evily, made me feel better.

I'm back home for 3 weeks. Well in fact I'm nearly back in New Zealand as I only have a few days to go. It's had me all weirded out emotionally. I was my usual grumpy self at Christmas - I wonder when I'll get over my hatred of this time of year.  I burst into tears when mum showed me my stuff I had left behind - it felt like I had left in a rush and expected to come back but never did. It was odd.  I've spent the 3 weeks clearing out my stuff - I've got rid of a lot of things but it's been hard to part with some things...I've kept my prized fridge magnet collection and one day I'll send for it! I've been catching up with friends too.  I've managed to see most people but some people it's only been a lunch here or a dinner there which is sad - I'd have loved to have spent more time with everyone.  I have been to a wedding, Surrey and Oxford and Paris and London and the Peak District but I still feel like I could have done more with my time here. It was lovely to catch up with work people too - though my old boss is very sad I want to stay in New Zealand.  It's amazing that 90% of the staff were the same too.  Says a lot for the company.  Annoyingly after Paris the lack of sleep and walking about in the cold caught up with me and I was in bed for 2 days with a cold.  I can't wait for the next time I'm back in the UK- life admin will have been done so I can bring Aric and it will be more of a holiday than this was. Plus hopefully we will come in nicer weather. It's crazy how much it affects my mood - today was gorgeous and sunny and I was all "I love England!" But the rest of the time it's been dark and grey and brown and I've hated it.  
New Years was spent at a friend of Sepha's - people had split into pre arranged teams and hours, and chosen a country that turns midnight for their selected hour.  Then each hour the team who's hour it was dressed in somethijf delayed to that country, and served food and drinks from that country.  I didn't have any time to prepare so joined in with Brad and Sepha for Russia and we served moscow mules and salmon blinis and told a Russian folklore tale.  It was fun.  Also oddly despite fpinf to sleep at 2am I  a room shared with 4 others and a booming party going on downstairs this was the night I slept the best since landing. I've had bad jetlag and haven't slept properly since being here. 

I'm looking forward to going back to New Zealand but also feeling sad.  I'm looking forward to seeing Aric and the weather and getting back into the swing on things, and having my room back.  But catching up with friends and family here has made me miss them dearly and I'm sad I won't see everyone until God knows when.  The comforting thing is everyone is the same as I left them - their lives may have changed but their personalities remain the same and I know they're friends for life.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Microblog 1

This weekend me and Aric went to Cambridge - he had to go there for work so I joined him on a little adventure. It's not as nice as the 'real' Cambridge but it's quaint - oddly everything shuts at 3pm on a Saturday.  He was in charge of accommodation booking and did a fabulous job - a little campervan on a lifestyle block.  I was in charge of navigation and didn't do such a fabulous job, taking us halfway to Hamilton for dinner before realising we were going totally the wrong way and had nearly run out of fuel. Oops.  On Sundays they have an amazing market so whilst he was doing work duties I went shopping, before watching the Armistice day ceremony.  I've never watched one of these before and it was emotional - something I was surprised by but shouldn't have been I guess. We headed home via the Blue Springs, which are the clearest springs I've ever seen in my life.

Monday me and some of the girls had a long overdue catch up and went to Karekare for a dinner picnic which was lovely, and got me very excited for the summer coming.

On Tuesday, Amy and Colin finally got to meet Aric - which is crazy as we've been dating for 4 months, but I guess we have all been really busy and our lives are doing different things at the moment.  I then 'worked from home' at his house on Wednesday as he had the day off and my tummy was hurting, so I had a very chilled day of answering emails and finishing Stranger Things........

This morning I had to get up super early to take him to the airport - he's gone on holiday for 2 weeks.  Sadly he booked this before we both decided we liked each other, so he's off on his own.  He actually invited me along for the first part of the trip - all epxenses paid, but I am doing the Auckland Harbour swim on Saturday and decided that though a free trip away would have been amazing, I can't not do the I said no....much to the amusement of friends and colleagues. The race better be worth it now....

I went to the dentist today for toothache and ended up having root canal treatment and the rest of the day my face felt like it was buzzing and weird.  The dentist was lovely and offered me a piece of her pavlova after my treatment.  She can't continue with it as the root is too damaged and has referred me to a specialist who is going to charge me between $1600 and $1800 to sort it out, plus then I'll need a crown in 6 months for $1500. fuck. However, instead of being sad about this, I am focussing on how grateful I am that I am in the very fortunate position of being able to pay for this through my savings and how great it is that I have an income to replenish my savings.

The other weekend me, Amy, Colin and Renee did an adventure race.  It was a lot of fun - basically a rogaine on steroids - it had a tubing section which was very fun and now we are planning on river tubing adventures when it gets warmer. Yessssss.

I am sat here writing this in my wetsuit...I am trying to stretch it out a bit before Saturday and get used to the tightness.  My hands and wrists ache whilst typing as it's so tight.  I love how buoyant it makes me but the tightness makes me feel really tired when I am not.  I need to get used to this.  Dan and I did an ocean swim clinic last Saturday which made me feel better - I didn't freak out about being in the water as I was surrounded by other people which was good, and the same thing will happen in the race so hopefully I won't panic.  However I also struggle to breathe properly again because it is so tight....hmmmmmm

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Micro blogging

Well, I was going to write a proper blog this evening as it was my first evening free in a while, but my laptop decided to do a bumper update of probably unnecessary windows updates for the last hour and it's only on 47% so I doubt I'll  get to do a proper one. 

However, Dan wrote a post inspired by my last mini post which in return inspired me again - inspireception if you will  - why don't i just do little mini micro blogs every so often rather than huge daunting bumper updates? I have 3 months to catch up on - let's be honest that's never going to happen, so instead I'll recap some of the more exciting events that occurred during that time, and then perhaps continue with little, more regular updates (probably without photos- I was so anal about posts needing perfectly edited pictures but actually it takes up so much time and instead if you want pics you can look at my Instagram instead). 

I'm typing this out on the blogger app on my phone which is a bit of a pain as my fingers are fat and my autocorrect is shit so I apologise in advance for anything not making sense. Also I doubt this will be a microblog as I have so much to catch up on...

Things that happened:

1) my family pulled off the biggest surprise ever and turned up unannounced in Auckland.  Well - unannounced to me. Turns out everyone else knew about it! Isaac decided to come out here for 4 months due do a bad breakup at home and it happened to be around his birthday. Mum booked for me and him to do the skytower walk and she was being super coy on the details which I found weird but she was in the middle of moving house so I figured she was just being a little forgetful.  She told me to take Isaac to the skytower at midday on a certain date.  When i got there, the skytower people had no record of her booking so I figured she has gone a bit mad in her old age.  I turn around and walk out the door to see her standing in front of me crying. I did a literal "wtf" before bursting into tears myself. Tim and my step brother were also there and I was gobsmacked.  Turns out they'd been planning it for months and originally was meant to be in August for my birthday but they sold the house then so they delayed it till September. We had a fun 2 weeks - it's so weird not seeing someone for nearly 2 years but then you slot right back in and it's like you never left.  It was however a very accident prone 2 weeks - mum fell over into a rock pool on day 1 and smacked her head and got a black eye, on day 5 Tim faceplanted on a volcano and smashed his head in and spent 24 hours in hospital and had to wear a neck brace the rest of the trip, and Joe (step bro) had to delay his kiwi experience trip as the day he was meant to leave he had to have emergency dentistry.  Madness.  Apart from that we has a lovely time and I was sad to see them go. Thank you Mum and Tim for the best surprise ever - it made me feel so loved and brought my spirits up again :) love you both to pieces.

2) my brother came out here.  This has been amazing. I've never really hung out with him as a friend before, so this has been really interesting having him as a friend as well as a brother and it's been really nice.  For the first 2 weeks he camped on my deck in my old house, then I moved to a bigger house and he slept in the 2nd lounge.  When my parents came over he moved out to stay in their apartment and I felt a bit lost that he wasn't with me anymore! It's been amazing to see how much he has changed since I last saw him- so much more confident and grown up and he was a bit shy before but he settled in with my friends really well. I'm looking forward to having him back in December for a bit before we head home together.

3) I moved house.  I cat sat for 6 weeks and when I moved back into my flat things didn't feel the same.  The opportunity arose to move in with some friends in a huge 6 bedroom, 2 lounge, 2 bathroom place and create a new flat, so i took it.  The new house is massive - it has a double garage with attic, even a laundry room! My new bedroom is huge compared to my old shoebox and it's so nice having the space. My flatmates are also really lovely which is a bonus!

So they're the 3 big things that have happened.  Sorry for not updating sooner. I'm so busy at the moment and I barely have any time to myself.  I feel pretty stretched and stressed sometimes and it's not too enjoyable.  I'm training for a swimming race which happens on 18th Nov which I am very nervous about - a 3k sea swim across Auckland harbour.  I've done 2 training swims in the sea and panicked each time because it's been cold/wavey/murky and I probably swan a total of 50 metres! Hopefully adrenaline will kick in for the race and I'll just do it...i can do 3k in the pool comfortably.  Work has also been very busy and taking over my life. I really don't like it either and don't want to be there. But I'm stuck because my visa links me to it. Meh. And I've started seeing someone who I really like and he takes up a lot of my time too but in a good way. Plus living with 6 other people means I don't get a lot of "me" time either so it's pretty crazy at the minute.  Hopefully once the swim is over I won't feel pressured to swim all the time (I don't even go that much to be fair! I should probably be going every day but it's more like 3 x a week) and I can focus on something different for a bit.

Anyway that's my wee photo less update for ya....