Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I won't go into detail but lets just say I regret the garlic overdose the night before.

Went to the pub quiz last night - everyone in the usual team was busy so I took my colleagues along and their partners.  It was good "team building" actually, we had a good time. We were 3rd until the fourth round where we failed miserably on the movies section, and a lot of the teams had chosen to play the joker on the round. We ended up 15th which wasn't too great - we knew we were losing so we went for it on the wipeout round which in hindsight was probably not a good idea.  I do love a good pub quiz.

Carried out my 3rd interview yesterday too - the lady was a firecracker and I think perfect for the role, only issue is she can't start until January.  Need to make a decision soon.


  1. Go for the 'firecracker', January isn't long and you may have to go out again to train her ;)

  2. And maybe you will have to take an assistant too?!! Lisi xxxx

  3. Ps. I am so glad you didn't go into detail of your garlic regret... very unlike you but much appreciated xxx

  4. HAHA I can't tell if the above anon is my mumma or Lisa, you're too similar xx


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