Monday, 4 November 2013

...Day Three

Day Three is a little more boring as it was a work day.  A quick break down:

Went to bed at 11pm, woke up at 2am ready to get up - got annoyed, couldn't sleep, eventually got out of bed at 6 having had only 3 hours of sleep.  Met colleague in hotel lobby and walked to MRT station together.  MRT is very efficient - the map on the train lights up green to show you where you are, and there's a light to show you which side the doors open.  There's also queueing areas on the platform to show you where to queue and where not to queue.  

Got the shuttle bus from the MRT station on the other side.  Went to work.  It's very bizarre. Literally a building site and the office is in temporary accommodation.  It reminded me of a war zone or an archeological site or something - it's very dusty, there's vines everywhere to make it look a bit prettier (but adds to the war zone effect - like base camouflage), the canteen is open to the elements and there's people everywhere in hard hats and steel toe cap boots.  There's also a Hindu shrine at the entrance which is nice as it makes the air smell nicely of incense, I guess because it was Divali this weekend.

Went on a site tour - had to dress up in PPE gear much too large for me which was amusing.  Did a tour of the facility - it's pretty large! and asked lots of questions which made me sound like I knew what I was talking about when I clearly didn't.  We got to go to the roof in this rickety 'people hoist' which just reminded me of a bad theme park ride and was really quite scary.  It's basically a semi open lift that a man operates manually.  The view from the roof was worth it though, you could see all the way to the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the South, to Kuala Lumpar in the North - which really isn't very far away and is separated by a little bit of water.

To celebrate 2.5million man hours worked with no accidents, they had brought everyone lunch so I definitely turned up on a good day - loads of delicious food to feast on, sushi, chicken satay, lamb curry, egg fried rice, spaghetti - loads of stuff.

At the end of the day we were going to walk down to the MRT station so I could get my bearings but it decided to absolutely chuck it down. I have never seen anything like it - one minute it was dry, the next it was pouring it down and making a racket. We decided to get a taxi instead but still managed to get soaked walking to the taxi.  The water was really warm - it's true what they say about monsoon rain being like a warm outdoor shower.

Said goodbye to work colleague - she'd been very helpful and I was sad to see her go.  Went back to hotel and chilled for a bit, but hunger got the better of me so went for a stroll - ended up at a mall opposite my  hotel and found a supermarket.  There's nothing I love more than FOREIGN SUPERMARKETS!!! You find the most random stuff in there - for example take a look at these babies:

Waitrose desserts - these worked out at £9 each!


Fizzy coffee

Chrysanthemum tea in a can

Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of ...dried silver fish

Giant mouthwash (pic doesn't portray size that well, it was the size of a squash bottle - and green tea flavoured!)

I bought a few things (none of the items featured above, sadly), then went for my first of what I guess will be many dinners on my own.  Luckily most places have wifi so I connect my phone and spent my dinner what'sapping my friends back at head office to pass the time.  Ever the bargain hunter, I found a place that did a free glass of wine and dessert with any main purchased - so I had pizza, which I then couldn't eat all of, so saved the rest for tomorrow.  I hope my Finance Manager is proud of me!!!

Anyway it was a successful day - I feel like I know my way round a bit more - and to top it off I have a badders game lined up on Sunday with a bunch of randomers, woop! (I am going to come back amazingly brilliant at badminton and surprise everyone)

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