Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Last Sunday :-(

It feels weird that next Sunday will be spent in a cold bed, probably being sick, recovering from a hang over, with a cat sitting on top of me and trying to get my attention.  I have actually really missed the cat.

Anyway, as it was my last Sunday, I thought I would try and cram in the last of my touristy stuff.  There's still stuff I have missed - I don't believe anyone who says Singapore can be done in 4 days. It might be small but it has so much to do and see.

I started my day with a visit to the Asian Civilisations Museum.   As museums go, it was OK - the bit I found the most interesting was the history of the Singapore River, I would go into detail about it but I can't remember much (my memory's pretty pants) but it was interesting.  I really wish I could go back in time  and join all the explorers, it would have been amazing.

I then headed off to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, deciding to to the Flower Dome first to get it out the way.  It was OK - nothing amazing, and filled with loads of annoying kids.  Might be some people's cup of tea but it wasn't really mine.

 I started to get hungry so stopped at the restaurant on site, Pollen.  I couldn't decide what to have and wasn't tempted by any of the mains, so went for the afternoon tea.  I was SO excited by this - this is the menu:

and this is what it looked like: (the potted trout wasn't pretty enough to photo, but incidentally was the nicest of the lot - it was more like a trout pate)

The savoury items were lovely, though I could have done with more bread to go with the potted trout - they only gave one tiny slice so ate the rest of it on a fork.  Also for some reason, they make you up a pot of tea, but don't give you the pot - they refill your tea cup every now and then from the pot that's kept on the bar.

The puddings were also slightly disappointing.   The eclair didn't have real chocolate on top (it's powdered chocolate), the banana cake was stodgy, I don't like macaroons, and the scone... Oh my gosh. The scone. It had citrus peel in it! Who puts citrus peel in scones!!! The good thing is I didn't eat all of it so saved my waistline.

Either way, the setting was lovely, service brilliant and they even gave me a pashmina because it was pretty chilly in there.  So it was a nice tea break.

I then went into the Cloud Dome.  This was cool, in all senses of the word.  It was so cold I had goosebumps! The whole point is it creates the same environment you'd find at the top of tropical mountain ranges.  As you enter you're faced with a huge waterfall, and you walk round it and then get a lift to the very top of the 'mountain'.  You then walk down it in a spiralling way to reach the bottom, seeing all the different flora and fauna on the way down.  I really liked it - they spray mist half way up so it's like being in the clouds. You're also really quite high - I am not scared of heights by any means but it did make me feel a bit dizzy because only half of the platform is solid, the rest is metal railing so you can see the floor when you walk across it.

It rained all the way home, and my umbrella started to leak.  I guess it did only cost £3, and it's lasted me 6 weeks.

nothing looks nice in the greyness of rain!

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