Monday, 30 December 2013

Good Bye 2013, you've been wild

This year has been very eventful.  I think it has been one of the best years of my life so far - so here's a little run down of some of my favourite/best/momentous bits.

1) My relationship ending

Weird one to start on, but I thank  my ex from the bottom of my heart for having the strength to end it once and for all.  We had a very complicated, amazingly brilliant and awful in equal measure relationship.  Getting over him was horrendous - like being weaned off a drug, and as dramatic as it sounds it was such a hard time and at times I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was incredibly down and lonely and couldn't imagine life without him and had to grip onto the rare moments of clarity when I realised it was for the best and we weren't suited for each other.  He taught and introduced me to a lot of things (Jazzanova, Fat Freddy's Drop, Volvo's are actually quite cool, I'm not very empathetic, amongst other things) and I learnt a lot. It's taught me how important it is to understand each other and to be on the same page - a lot of our arguments were borne from misunderstood intentions and different expectations.  The whole break up experience also showed me who my friends were and my relationships with some of them have really blossomed - I thank them for helping me get out of a bad place and being there when I needed them (sorry, really soppy!!).  Anyway - what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and all that - I truly stand by this, and half of the great stuff that happened to me this year wouldn't have happened if I was still with him.

Didn't know what photo to use to signify our relationship so here's a plastic cow we both liked on holiday!

2) Amy and Rob's wedding.

Nothing beats seeing your best friends get married.  It was the loveliest, most beautiful, adorable, fun, happy, heartfelt and unique event I have ever been to.  I cried like a baby through the ceremony - the vows were handwritten and personal and took you through the history of their relationship and everything they've had to overcome.  The day was made even better by the fact I was asked to be bridesmaid (second choice but I won't hold it against the bride ;-) ) and so had the pleasure of helping the beautiful bride get ready with the other bridesmaids, and walking down the aisle with her.  It was just amazing - the entire thing was so personal, so "Amy and Rob", and is an experience that I think most guests will keep in their hearts.  The party after was immense - a teepee with a dance floor and a home made playlist - we danced the night away till 3am when we crashed in tents in a happy daze.  The best thing about moving to London 4 years ago was meeting Amy, Rob and Cesca (and everyone associated with them)- they've enriched my life in ways they can't imagine :-)

Lovely ladies

3) Singapore

(Yes Amy, your wedding beats Singapore!).  Singapore got me blogging regularly and I have blogged it to death so won't talk about it too much here - but it was just brilliant.  I felt so grown up and confident and happy - I was so proud of myself from being the girl who used to get homesick (even on holiday with my family) to living in Singapore alone for six weeks.  It made me feel like I could accomplish anything.  2014 - bring it on!!

4) Sri Lanka

The perfect heart mending get away.  Sri Lanka was borne out of my break up - I realised I had no one to go to on holiday with so asked Bex if she wanted to go away - Jen got involved and what started as a week in Italy became a 2 week tour round Sri Lanka.  We saw, we drank, we ate, we got sick (well I didn't), and we had a truly amazing time.

5) My work

Again, since the break up, I made more of an effort to go out with people at work and had some brilliant times.  My summer was spent in the Wheat Sheaf and other pubs around London Bridge, drinking too much and getting up to no good, but at least I was having fun and "networking".  I also got made permanent in my role that I was covering, and have the best boss ever.

Got a tour of No 10 :)

Others moments that made up a great 2013 are....

  • Conquering my fears of rollercoasters with a trip to Thorpe Park for Jen's birthday, I did Saw, Stealth and The Swarm and wasn't sick - amazing

  • speed dating - so much fun, met the weirdest people
  • sports - started doing netball, squash and badminton - only do badders now but at least I tried the others (the infamous 'Nuts', lolz)
  • freezing our balls off at Brockwell Lido with Bex
  • arts and crafts with Bex and Jen, knitting, lino cut printing, life drawing

  • fun Fridays with Barbra (especially memorable was Herne Hill fair ground and that awful ride)

  • random times with Amy and Cesca, Leanne, Jen and Bex - Peckham Kerb, food festivals, outdoor cinema, Amy's hen do (haha, the 10 yr olds giving us their number on an ipad out the car window, treasure hunt and picking up the poo), Namco showcase, Camden, Brighton

  •  Bruges with the ex even though we'd broken up - corr that was a tough one but I am glad we did it and ironically I think of it as the best holiday we have ever had.

  • all the parties, Sepha's leaving do, Brixton and Peckham nights, BBQs

It has been a busy, eye opening year and I hope for more of the same in 2014! Ideally I'll be married and owning a house by this time next year, however I think I am too selfish to be in a proper relationship and too poor to own a house, but you never know! As long as I am this happy next year then I have done alright :)

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