Monday, 2 December 2013

Medical emergency (bit of an over statement)

I had to go to the doctors. I had two bites on my leg that were giving me jip, they were very close together, itched like hell and made my leg swell. I had to limp because it hurt to put my leg down, but it was bearable.  I thought it was just a particularly stubborn mozzie bite.
I showed a few of the guys at work and they all looked with concern and told me to go to the doctor in my lunch break. 
The doctor was an interesting experience.  It was this tiny shop in a shopping mall that had upside down buckets to sit on and a tv that played a flash mob of teens dancing to carly rae jepsen on repeat.  You hand the receptionist cum pharmacist cum dispenser your ID, she takes your temperature and tells you to sit down.  You wait your turn, then go into the consultation room, a little narnia vault containing all the standard consultation fare.  I sat down and showed the doc my leg.  He took one look, asked me where I had been recently and then determined it was a tick bite.  He prescribed two different creams and two different pills, one morning, one at night.  I asked if I really needed them and he said if I didn't then I would keep scratching and it would become ulcerated. I would keep scratching because the tick's head is still in my leg.  Nice. It sounds more gross than it is, I still just think its a big mozzie bite. No sign of any head yet.
Whilst I was waiting for the medicine to be given to me, I couldn't help but stare at the woman sitting opposite me's T-shirt.   She looked like a fairly respectable lady, but her t shirt seemed to read "God's husy".  I stared at it for a while, trying to work out a) why someone would want to be god's hussy and b) how they'd managed to spell hussy wrong.  She then moved and revealed the "h" to be a "b".  I think she moved because I'd been staring at her chest for a good five minutes.  

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