Saturday, 7 December 2013

The most fun you can have with your clothes on

Friday night was spent playing badminton (you know, what else would you do on a Friday night?).  I kept getting paired with the best player to make the games more evenly matched - he was like an octopus, he practically played the games for me.  I turned up late as I managed to get lost on the way there and ended up in some random housing estate, not sure how I managed that!  Afterwards the guys invited me for a drink, so I gladly accepted.  We sat in McDonalds for an hour or so (glamorous) and it was really nice - lots of banter, and made me feel quite at home.  I even managed to get a lift to the MRT station after :-)  Also - McDonalds here do Cinnabon like buns, AMAZING!!!

Saturday I had decided to visit Sentosa.  This is my last weekend in Singapore so I am doing all the things I haven't yet managed to do.

I had previously poo-poo'd Sentosa, thinking it was going to be rubbish for someone on their own.  To be fair, I was sort of right, but I did enjoy my visit and was very glad I went.

Sentosa is literally THE most fun you can have with your clothes on.  I really really really wished I was here with friends (rich friends because it would all get quite expensive) because there was so much to do but none of it would have been that fun on my own.  There is:

  • Universal Studios (I just realised, I have no idea what that actually is, other than there's a big one in America that everyone goes on about)
  • a sea life centre that boasts to have the biggest aquarium in the world
  • a water park that looks amazing (you can snorkel in a pool with fish, as well as all the usual water park stuff)
  • luge (this looked fun too. I wanted to go on it but a) I was a little bit scared and b) I was wearing a skirt, and you have to sit with your legs spread) 
  • As well as a butterfly world, a thing that's a bit like Go Ape, a kid's water playground (I would borrow a kid if I could) and lots of other stuff.

the luge

I spent practically all day here - though my day was mostly spend on one of the 3 beaches they have.  

When I first arrived I was a bit overwhelmed - it's very theme park'y and it was busy with people wanting to go to Universal Studios.  I asked for directions to the beach and there's a free monorail that takes about 3 minutes from the entrance of Sentosa.  I then got a free tram to Palawan Beach - I wanted to go here because they have a little mini island off of Sentosa that claims to be the most southerly point of Asia (I dispute this - look at google maps!).  I arrived and was greeted with a lovely beach, and a little suspension bridge that takes you across to the most southerly point.  

I crossed the bridge, and wandered down to the shore - and found a perfectly sized rock that I could lie on and sunbathe.  I had a little swim in the sea too, and then spent the morning chilling by the beach.  The water is a gorgeous colour - though I do love a clear blue sea, this was a gorgeous aquamarine colour.

ahaha i couldn't resist a hotdogs or legs shot, though clearly too pasty and wide for hot dogs!

is it weird i want to go on one of these? they're mahoosive

reminds me of waterworld

some random parrots on the beach, as you do

I started to get a bit too hot so went for a wander and ended up at a cafe for about an hour just watching the world go by.

They have a huge statue of the Merlion, Sinagpore's mascot (part lion, part mermaid) which you can go inside but you have to pay for the privelege.  I didn't bother with that, but outside it there's a gorgeous water feature that's Gaudi inspired, which is worth a visit.

I was tempted by the aquarium but at $38 seemed quite expensive, and I have seen my fair share of mammal related garb here so I decided to head home.  Sunbathing is also really knackering!  I noticed that the restaurant had a chocolate fountain (I cannot believe I only just discovered this on my last weekend!) so decided to eat at the hotel for dinner.  Unfortunately the choc fountain wasn't real chocolate but instead chocolate sauce, so it didn't give me the fix I was looking for, but it was a bargain anyway,  $48 for an all you cat eat buffet (about £25).

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