Thursday, 19 December 2013

Back to the 9-5 (well, sort of)

I have been really busy since coming back and thought I'd semi keep the blog going (more of a reminder for me of what I've been up to than anything else).

So, I left off on Thursday when I went to the Effra Social in Brixton with Amy and Cesca.  It was quiet night, just to catch up really.  A Jazz band came on just as we were thinking of leaving, and I felt guilty when we did leave because it looked like they had chased us out, but this wasn't the case (though to be fair I am not a massive jazz fan...)

On Friday I forced myself to get up early, went for a run and then did some personal admin stuff, the stuff that ought to be done but takes ages and you put off.  I then headed home to surprise my mum - she thought I wasn't home until Christmas Eve, but I decided to come down for one night only to surprise her (and off load holiday presents so I had less to carry home when I next went down!).  I think she was pleasantly surprised, and I got a free dinner out of it so everyone won. Say hello to Rex.

Saturday I headed back into London.  I went for lunch with Lisa and Mark in Nando's (got a free drink for being beautiful -waiter's words not mine!! score!) then headed off to a pub near Waterloo to meet a few guys from back home. On the way we saw this chap who made my day - he must have been FROZEN.

We had a nice catch up with people from back home, though I was really struggling to stay awake as the jetlag was creeping up on me.  I headed home for a quick nap before the most anticipated party of the year (my words, no one else's)- the McHoneysett Christmas Fest.  We had to wear a christmas jumper so I'd purchased a rather fetching elf suit tshirt which I am wondering if I can wear outside of christmas season.

The party was really good fun - Amy and Rob are the best hosts ever and always go all out.  We played pass the parcel (well a grown up's version) whereby every layer had a forfeit in it - I had to dress in a santa suit the entire evening, but I also got to allocate a shot each round. My forfeit was really rather tame, others had to stuff their mouths with marshmallows and then do a shot of cherry sourz.  As usual people started to get a bit naked, the flat got very messy and I left about 1am because I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  

I have no idea how this happened, I uploaded it to my google account and it put snow on it for me, for free!

Annoyingly I woke up at 5am Sunday and couldn't for the life of me get back to sleep, so caught up on some work, watched some TV then went for breakfast with the boys.  Met up with Cesca in Brockwell Park, had a quick walk, headed into Brixton to do some shopping (purchased an electric blanket - toasty) then back to hers where her lovely well trained boyfriend was cooking up a delicious roast. 

Monday was a bit of a write off work wise - I spent the day handing out keyrings from Singapore and catching up with everyone, then my boss took me and Becky (my cover whilst I was in Singapore) out for a hello/goodbye lunch at Coq D'Argent - I literally have the best boss ever. I had smoked salmon to start, followed by almond and cocoa nibbed venison with amaretto sauce, finished with creme brulee. It was DELICIOUS.  Setting isn't bad either ;-)  I then headed off to meet Jen and Sam in Camden. 

On the way there I noticed a girl rushing for the bus and leaving a trail of paperwork behind her, I scooped it up but she was already on the bus and  driving off.  The items she'd dropped included her ID, a $1 Guatemalan note and a card with a loaf of phone numbers on - luckily one of the names against the phone numbers matched the name on her ID, so I managed to get in contact with her and arranged to meet her the following day at London Bridge to return her items.  Apparently the $1 note was her lucky note and she was more upset at losing that than her ID, which goes to show you never know what sentimental value the littlest of items can hold. 

Catching up with Jen and Sam again was lovely, they're the kind of people who you always feel happy after spending time with them.

Tuesday I had badminton - it was a bit lame this week as barely anyone went, I guess cuz it's nearly christmas.

Wednesday I had my work christmas party which was actually really good, I usually dread these things but I know loads more people now so I feel more like I am out with friends rather than a bunch of people I barely know.  Got a bit tipsy, did some karaoke, got a taxi home cuz I couldn't work out where the bus stop was in my inebriated/tired state. 

Coast dress from a charity shop (£8!) and Primark jewellery, bargainlicious!

Today - writing blog, going to bed (it's 7pm)

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