Monday, 23 December 2013

boobs, kisses and sick

On Friday I has a lovely night filled with boobs, kisses and sick. I won't elaborate too much on those points.

We met at Cesca's for food and drink before heading off to Brixton.  David was on top form, first of all pouring some peanuts into a tea cup of cava (he didn't realise there was cava in the glass - to be fair it was a tea cup, who puts cava in a tea cup??), then spilling the new tea cup of peanuts everywhere about five minutes later. Note - NEVER drink cava with peanuts in - it's FOUL.  Unless you want to trick someone into thinking it's the nicest drink ever for a bit of fun.

We made it to the Dogstar and wish I had been there more often. It's cheap, unpretentious, plays wicked music and has a good crowd.  The others chided me for switching to water when we got there but I had the last laugh when someone (I won't name names!) ended the night throwing up in a bin at the bus stop. Makes a change for it to be someone else throwing up, I was quite proud of myself! Swapped numbers and spit with some guy who turned out to be 23, does that make me a cougar?  The night was some what marred by some dick nicking Amy's phone (the second she's had stolen from Brixton).  She reported it to the police, and unusually they have taken it seriously, asking for a description of her so they can look out for her on CCTV and try and trace the moment it was stolen.  Amusingly for the police (and embarrassing for us), I am sure they'll get a good giggle at what we were up to when they look on CCTV.   We had to wait for a bus in the pouring rain for what felt like an eternity so huddled like Emperor penguins at the bus stop.

Saturday was spent sort of Christmas shopping. Met Bex in John Lewis where she was returning a broken christmas present where they'd messed up her order, and I wanted to buy some posh towels for my brother for Christmas.  Because they messed up her order twice, they gave us some vouchers for free tea and cakes in the restaurant, so we sat there for lunch and chilled out for a couple of hours. It's a nice venue if you get seats by the window, and the food is reasonably priced - I'd say same sort of price as a Pret, but more restauranty and better choice of food.  The Christmas display in the John Lewis window is AMAZING - they're created christmassy animals out of all of their stock, so they had reindeer made out of Dyson hoovers, cats made out of toilet brushes, bears made out of leather sofas - very creative.

A towel turkey

rainy kensington

John Lewis

Went on a date on Saturday night - an 'internet' man much to my mum and brother's dismay who spent a good twenty minutes on the phone to me about the danger I was putting myself in. I think they worry too much. It was fun - better than sitting at home. We met in a wine bar then had dinner at Tas, would definitely go there again, very good price for such a central location and the food was divine.  Unfortunately no spark but beat sitting at home alone. Going speed dating in January with two girls from work - so excited. Last time it was so much fun - some people are so weird and it's hilarious meeting them.  One of the guys refused to sit down for any date, so he was just standing whilst I sat down and talked to him, and another guy was apparently a stripper (he was practically a midget) and started to strip for me, much to my combined horror/amusement/embarrassment.

Sunday I chilled out and made some christmas presents and baked some of the most appalling looking biscuits I have made in my entire life, - Jen & Sam if you're reading then sorry it's your present haha!! Hopefully they'll make up for in taste what they lack in looks.

I went and saw Anchorman 2 with some friends - not as good as the first but still really funny. I think because no one knew what to expect with the first, it was so good, but the second had a lot to live up to.
Brick is easily my favourite character.  I won't give anything away but the ending is really good and I do recommend it.  I managed to persuade everyone to come see it at Peckham Plex rather than the Odeon in Cov Garden, Peckham is only a fiver and (in my opinion) no better or worse than the Odeon, except the floor might be a bit stickier. And once the movie was on upside down. And another time the sound didn't work. But they rectify all the problems really quickly and for a fiver I don't think it's anything to moan about :)

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