Sunday, 15 June 2014

Just hangin' around

Inspired by our trip to Wales a few months ago, David and I decided to try rock climbing.  I found a place near us and booked into a taster session - 2 hours for £12, not too shabby!

On the course was us, a pretty au-pair, a mum and her 11 year old daughter.  The 11 year old was the best of us - hanging off the holds like a monkey and with no fear of anything.  

We started with a bit of traversing round the wall which I found really hard but everyone else seemed fine with.  We then did a bit of bouldering (no harness) which again I found really quite hard.  I managed to climb up quite high but then I looked down and got a bit wibbly legs and found it hard picking a path to come down on - it would have been easier just to jump onto the mat but she wanted to teach us an important lesson that it's easy to go up but harder to come down!

We played a game where the first person started off in one position on the wall and had to add a move, then the next person copied and added a move etc. Foolishly I went at the end and had to have a million goes before I managed to finish and had to give up on the move David made.  I realised I wasn't trying hard enough on my first few goes, so I put more effort in and it worked -I got a little bit better.

The best bit was climbing up the wall with the harness on.   They are possibly the most unflattering things you will ever wear ever, especially for men whereby it very much draws attention to the crotch area and I couldn't stop laughing at Dave - he refused to let me take a photo.  We took it in turns belaying and climbing, David really looking forward to it and me bricking it.  However climbing with the harness was MUCH easier than without - the sense of safety plus the fact the rope was getting shorter made it feel like the others were pulling me up, and I nearly made it to the top :) I struggled when the wall started to overhang and couldn't get past it.  

It was fun - I don't know if I'd make a big effort to do it again, but I am glad I went and it was an achievement.  My hands were so sore though, the skin came off them and they were all swollen - next time I would wear gloves I think!!! 

on my way up - not looking very comfortable

nearly at the top

coming down - phew!

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  1. Rock climbing is so much fun! Glad you enjoyed it! Might I suggest you try Zorbing next? Lol! -x-


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