Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Summary

I was very lazy blogging in May. I guess I have been busy with stuff, but not stuff worthy of blogging about - mainly gym and work.

The other weekend I went to Holland Park. The sun was shining so I got a book and sat in the park for a bit to read - it was lovely. I don't frequent that part of London much so decided to talk from there back to Victoria, taking in the sights as I went. In Holland Park there's a Japanese themed garden which was my main purpose for choosing the park, but I was a little disappointed by it - it was a small well kept garden with a waterfall, I guess I was expecting something bigger. Anyway I strolled back to Victoria via Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, and discovered the Albert Memorial - I like walking places because you see things you'd miss on the tube.

Not a lot happened last weekend, I headed home to see family, went on a walk then headed up to Hatfield to see Jen & Leanne. I managed to convince them both to go to the vintage shop in St Albans that I love so much - we spent a good hour or so rummaging amongst the most random selection of stuff. I ended up buying a lovely 70s saucepan and umming and ahhing over lots of teapots and deciding against all of them.  When I was at home I went through the family photo album which is always fun, some of the best snaps are below....

On Friday I had David and Cesca round for dinner. I get a lot of ribbing for my dinners so this time decided to cook something 'proper'. To be fair, past dinners have consisted of 'home made pizza' on a tortilla wrap, a roast dinner that was so poorly timed we had roast potatoes as pudding, and turkey steaks with vegetables that left everyone feeling very hungry after. I cooked 'curried prawns with tenderstem broccoli and preserved lemons'. I wish I had taken a photo as it looked really quite impressive. Besides the fact that Cesca cooked the rice for me and when we sat down to eat I forgot to put cutlery out, and the prawns were still frozen when I started to cook them, it turned out really quite tasty and everyone was rather surprised. I had a bit of a smug face on for the evening.

Saturday Bex and I went on a trip to Winchester - we've not been before and the weather was nice so why the hell not, we thought. it's a lovely city - steeped in history and only an hour from Clapham. They had a market on which we perused (hog roast at £3, bargain!) then headed into the tourist office where they had free walking tours you could do at your own leisure. We chose the 'King Albert' tour which took you on a lovely route past the old mill, down by a river, past the ruins of Wolvesey Castle, Winchester College, the house where Jane Austen died, Winchester Cathedral and finally the masses of wartime museums. After the walk we did a spot of shopping before heading home again. I love exploring new places, and it's so nice ot get out of London once in a while, you forget how green the rest of the country can be!

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  1. Haha love the typo 'decided to talk from there back to Victoria' no doubt you did talk it ;)


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