Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Simple Space

A Simple Space by GOM (credits - GOM)

On Friday I took my girl Samia on a date.  It was one of the best dates she'd been on she said. But she texted me at the end saying she just wanted to be friends, isn't that always the way! I didn't even get to 2nd base.

Oh well - if anyone wants to impress a special person in their life, this is what they have to do:

1) A nice stroll along the South Bank to Las Iguanas, where we had happy hour cocktails followed by dinner.  It helped the weather was absolutely gorgeous.

2) Impress the date by winning the Tour De France like so:

All the lunch time spinning has paid off

2) Book this - A Simple Space.  IT'S SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!!  It was a last minute decision as we were both free on Friday and wanted to do something rather than sit at home crying we had no boyfriends.  I am so glad we went - it is absolutely incredible and I wish it was longer than an hour.

It's a troupe of 7 gymnasts from Australia called "Gravity and Other Myths", appropriately named for the shenanigans that they get up to.

The show started with them all tumbling over and catching one another, before the boys launched into a skipping competition. But not just any skipping competition - a STRIP skipping competition. Which delighted us muchly.  Whoever tripped whilst skipping had to remove an item of clothing, and one of them ended up totally starkers (unfortunately he then also stopped skipping, for it would have been amusing to watch a naked man skip).  Their bodies were insane and I would be lying if I said we weren't drooling a little bit.

The show was just incredible.  Their strength and stamina is amazing and an inspiration - I am happy I can do 10 press ups, they can stand on their heads and hands for ten minutes at a time.  They created two human towers, two men tall, and one of the girls climbed up the tower, stood on top of each guy's head and then the towers moved apart so she was doing the splits but balanced on top of their heads.

One of the guys stood on his head on a platform, then proceeded to solve a rubix cube that the audience had freshly muddled up.

They grabbed the girls and were swinging them round and round then used them as skipping ropes.

The boys had a back flip competition.

The percussionist came on stage and did a 2 minute skit using his own body as an instrument (and was very red after).

They got the crowd to throw plastic balls at them whilst they did handstands.

It was so amazing, the audience were literally gobsmacked for the majority of the time.  if you get a chance I really really recommend going - it's on until 6th July at the big purple cow near Waterloo.  Next on my list is Limbo - Becky we need to book that up!

On Saturday my travelling rucksack and coat arrived so I spent a good hour or so being entertained by them both and pretending I was hiking through the foothills.  Then we headed out to Rich's house as he was having a house warming.

It was really good - lots of people I haven't seen for a while including Rich's mum so was good having a catch up with her.

I instigated game playing (organised fun, yay!) including: blowing matchstick off pint glass (thanks Cesca), the which hand is the match in game, Fives, Ship Comes to the Harbour and my new favourite courtesy of Rich's uni friends - Waaaa Ching. Remember - you can't ching a chicken chow mein! I can't wait to introduce that one to Cesca and David.

Today I went to Greenwich, plan was to meet with family but plan didn't materialise due to poor planning and then me getting too annoyed to stay with them so I wandered round Greenwich on my own which was nice.  Managed to get a cracking sun burn on my back, it looks like angel wings.  I headed to the Royal Naval College which seemed to be free to wander around in - I was on the hunt for a toilet and found some beautiful buildings instead! (I did also find a toilet eventually, you'll be glad to know!)

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