Sunday, 29 June 2014

I love my friends

The week kicked off with 241 burgers with Dan in The Great Exhibition pub, I had a craving that couldn't be satisfied and luckily Dan's always up for a burger.  A 45 minute wait meant I was grumpy by the time they finally arrived but they were really really good....expensive on any other day but Mondays mean they're £6 each and you can't really go wrong.

On Tuesday, Bex Liz and I went to see Limbo on the Southbank.  SO WEIRD.  It consisted of a contortionist, sword swallower, aerial hooper, pole climber and hand balancer along with some weird and wonderful interspersions.  The contortionist made me feel a little bit sick with the things he could do with his body, and I winced each time the lady deep throated a sword.  My favourite part of the evening was where they all climbed up onto bendy poles surrounding the circular stage, then bent back and forth, the momentum causing them to fly forward and backwards over the audience and then nearly causing them to hit each other in the centre.  It's amazing what people can train their bodies to do - the hand balancer was 'jumping' from one pole to another doing a handstand, he was solid muscle.

The entire theme was a bit eerie and freaky, set to interesting d'n'b style music created from the live band (tuba, vocals, harmonica and accordion amongst other home made instruments like a penny spinning in a glass bowl with some beat boxing thrown in for good measure).  It was clever and entertaining and shocking and wince worthy all in one, but I think I preferred A Simple Space - mainly for the fact that kept me entertained the entire way through, where as I was bored by some parts of Limbo.

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We went for a few drinks on Friday after work - the week had been long and stressful and filled with a billion powerpoint presentations with tight deadlines.  Ending up in The Folly via the Heeltap and Horniman, the night was livened up by Gemma's utter intoxication - her activities included climbing over the wall next to the Thames for a photo, getting our photo taken by a bunch of Japanese tourists, moonwalking across the road and singing "I just can't, I just can't, I just can't control my feet" continuously on the way home to the train station, accompanied by little foot dancing.  I could not stop laughing.  I also managed to get some lovely photos from Hays Galleria at dusk, it's very pretty round there at that time of evening and I would like to go back for an summer evening stroll.

"I love it!"

On Saturday I made my way to Becky's where she was making me and Lisa lunch.  There was loads of traffic meaning the bus that normally takes 45 minutes took nearly double that and I was a bit grumpy by the time I arrived.  Busting for the loo, I went for a pee as soon as I got in then wandered into the living room where I was greeted with the below!

I think my reaction was an exclamation of 'what the f**k' followed by 'what's going on' followed by bursting into tears because it was the sweetest and loveliest thing ever!!!

Bex had VERY secretly organised a going away party (I am only going for 6 weeks and she admitted that after she planned it she realised it was a bit weird because I am not going away for long) and had invited all my favourite people, put on an amazing spread and turned her house into a Thai paradise with paper cut out elephants and buddhas, flags, 'thai' related food (Lisa brought (thai)ger bread and (thai)ckle cheese!! oh and appleTIZer!) along with Thai music playing in the background.  My housemates were also there and had snuck out of the house half an hour before I did (really quietly, I thought they were in when I left so didn't bother locking the door, oops!).  Everyone had brought something along and then we played some games and hung out.   It was so sweet and the effort everyone went to was amazing - I was very impressed and overwhelmed!!

THANK YOU BECKY (and Lisa Kim Mark Rich Dan Liz Cesca!)

Me and Cesca then headed back to hers where we met up with some of her friends, watched the football, ate pizza and played home made 'The Cube' after David declaring that this show was the easiest on television and he could win millions off it.  I challenged him after he said 'throw anything at me and i will catch it'.  I threw a pot of nail varnish and he missed it and it narrowly avoided smashing a mirror, much to cesca's unamusement.   We decided to test him again by putting a cushion on the floor and blindfolding him, his aim being to walk up to it and step over it.  He failed, again.  Then we all had a go and we all failed too.  Not so easy hey David ;-) 

We then headed out to Dogstar where Holly showed us all her party trick of licking people's eyeballs.  Maybe she could go join the cast of Limbo!

Today's been a productive busy day of packing, tidying, collecting a bike and making a collage.  I am really sad it's 9pm already as I am so tired and still have lots more to do today, and all I want to do is go to bed....maybe I can save it all for tomorrow!!

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