Sunday, 22 June 2014

Zoo Lates

It was Samia's birthday this week.  Her housemate contacted me last weekend to see if I was up for a surprise visit to Zoo Lates for her birthday.

The surprise unfortunately didn't stay a surprise for long - mainly due to mine and Gemma's incompetence at keeping secrets....whoops!  Still, her brother and sister turned up which she didn't know about, so at least something was kept secret!

Zoo Lates seems like it's a good idea.  It's certainly popular - Gem missed out on coming because the tickets sold out.  It's overpriced though - £28 per person, though if you book through you can get tickets for £17.50.  You might think that's worth it to avoid children running about the zoo, but instead you have to contend with drunk young adults (i.e us) and there's not really much difference between the two!

I think it'd be good for a date, or in a small group, but unfortunately we spent a lot of time waiting for some people to arrive, then drinking in the bar, then we lost Samia for ages, then found her but lost her was a recurring theme...animal wise we missed the gorillas as they'd 'gone to bed' by the time we found them, we saw a cheetah in the distance, a reindeer on the way in, a llama (see below) a taipir, and a crocodile eating a rabbit.

I only have two photos of the evening, both stolen from someone else:

I left at about 9.30 as I was cream crackered by this point (a combination of early morning gym classes and being busy at work) but Samia and her friends stayed out ALL NIGHT, the dirty little stop out.  She's sent me some hilarious photos which I won't share but she must have had an epic hangover on the Saturday and has vowed to give up drinking for 2 weeks. haha.

The rest of the week has been fairly tame, starting with Breaking Bad sessions with Cesca on Monday (a regular until I go away next week and then she goes away forever in November) Becky's house for dinner on Thursday, and home for a BBQ on Saturday.

This coming week is going to be filled with last minute work handovers and preparations for my SE Asia trip, which is looming ever closer!

brewing elderflower cordial last weekend

a swedish torch at the BBQ

all gone

swan? lamb? dinosaur?

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