Thursday, 27 August 2015

A belated catch up

Sorry, as Lisa so kindly pointed out, an increase in age shouldn’t mean a decrease in blogging.  So here’s some things I have been up to…

A lovely 14 mile bike ride on a sort of date down the Thames Path.  We also had a quick pit stop at Surrey Docks farm which was a nice little find.  I even cycled home from London Bridge on the road all by myself.  Lovely jubbly.

A ridiculously lazy Sunday whereby I got out of bed at 11, cleaned the kitchen, went back to bed, got out of bed again, had brunch with housemates, walked to the park and played Molkky, got tired so played Molkky sitting down (it doesn’t work very well), went home via the ice cream shop (I was good and resisted) and fell asleep on the sofa for a further three hours, had inner, went to bed.

Walked from Blackfriars to Clapham with Sepha, had a delicious home made salad and good Linkee (boardgame – it’s fun, try it) session.

A date with a ridiculously perserverant guy.  I knew it was a no the moment I walked into the pub – he looked nothing like his photos, and he was sat there with a drink in hand and didn’t offer me one (not a feminist thing here, just a politeness thing –if I got there first I’d always text and ask what they wanted to drink).   Anyway was texting Becky half an hour in to try get excuses to leave, however he plied me with more drinks so I ended up staying.   It wasn't the most awful date ever, and he was nice enough, I just had no connection with him at all.  The drunker I got the more brutally honest I got, after trying every trick in the book to put him off me (“I’m still in love with my ex, I don’t want a serious relationship right now, I am a serial dater” etc etc) I eventually told him I just didn’t fancy him.  He was undeterred.  I called him desperate.  He was unperturbed.  I later received a text from him saying he wished he had taken me home (errrr, that never on the cards!) and that he was well endowed.  I mean after the last few dates I have been on, it was nice to have someone so keen and honest about it, just a shame I didn’t reciprocate.

Another lovely bike ride round Richmond Park, including a rather lovely picnic round the lake in the middle and several deer spottings, culminating in a refreshing lager shandy by the river.

A sort of second date where I discovered another bar in Peckham which is my new favourite – Ali Baba at the back of Copeland Park (where the Bussey is).  It’s super chilled and feels like you’re in someone’s back yard.  And there’s bunting.  And a fire bucket.  And the bunting nearly caught fire.  And they were playing classic 90s RnB.  And there’s £3 Hanoi Beer.  What more could you ask for?

A brunch in the newly discovered Jonnie’s café – more upmarket than the Dulwich Café, similar prices.  (I have turned into a lady wot brunches. Oh dear).

A trip to the Saatchi with Jen.  You’re always guaranteed to see something quite weird at the Saatchi and I think it’s my favourite gallery for that reason.  This trip’s highlights include a massive rectangular block made out of blue rubbish bags, a beautiful mural of some trees, a hanging tree sculpture and an exhibition on death which included the hanging hides of a dog and a cat, and a very realistic decomposed body lying on the floor.


So that’s about it really, but I promise a bumper update next week as I am off to Berlin this weekend!  I am going to visit Simon, Sebastian and Dario who I made friends with in Bucharest.  I’m staying in an 8 bed mixed dorm room and slightly freaking out about it but I am sure it’ll be fine……Update next week!

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