Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Me Actual Birthday

I really need to work on better blog post titles. This is probably why I don't work in media.  Can you imagine the headlines if I were in charge?  They'd be very dull.

Anyway, I had a lovely birthday and I would like to dedicate this post to my beautiful friends and family who are the best people I know - you're all bloody lovely.  Love to you all. Here's a virtual sick bucket for you to throw up in...

The weekend kicked off with a couple of drinks in Sushi Samba.  I've wanted to go there for ages so we finally decided to set a date, which happened to be the night before my birthday.

sunset from the Sushi Samba lift

It's pretty cool up there, but prices are very high - you're looking at £13 a cocktail with service charge added on top....three cocktails ended up at £43!!!

We slurped them really slowly to get our money's worth then I introduced Bex and Kim to my favourite bar in London town - the Old Bengal Bar.  They had a swing night on so we watched the dancers and decided we wanted to learn to swing dance too..I am sure there'll be a post on it if we get our arses in gear and book a lesson.

On Saturday morning I signed up to a Secret Yoga Club rooftop yoga class.  It was wonderful - the class started off with some unexpected partner work and as it was a different class to one I have been to before, challenged me in different ways.  And not to sound too hippie about it, but being outside was lovely - and brought a different aspect to the class - sights, sounds and fresh air all adding to the experience.  I liked it so much I've booked to go again this Saturday.

car park yoga....how very peckham

It was beautifully warm so I cycled to the pool for a quick swim before heading home and chilling out before the evening's activities.  I didn't do a good job of arranging anything this year - there's no sadder feeling than when you do a facebook event, invite 50 odd people and 10 put attending.  And you spend every minute refreshing the event to see if more people are coming....so this year I mentioned to people I saw in the weeks running up to my birthday that I was going for a few drinks and they were welcome to join, that way because I knew I had done a bad job of arranging, I couldn't be disappointed when no one turned up!!

Bex and Lewis came round, we got our gladrags on, did the conga round the dining room to Elvis Presley, and we all headed out to the Bussey Rooftop bar for a few drinks where we were joined by a few others.  I've not been there before and it's a lovely little bar - I much prefer it to the hustle and bustle of Frank's bar - it's smaller and so more intimate, but affords the same lovely London views as Frank's.

We stayed till closing then headed downstairs to the Hawaiian Bop night - a night of 40s, 50s and 60s music in one of the Bussey rooms.  It was a lot of fun, involved a lot of dancing, glitter and face paint.  The night ended with a late night pit stop in Morley's for sustenance (I advise you to avoid at all costs) and home.

looks a little bit like Becky's bumming me....but hey we're enjoying it

In the morning I had a lovely brunch with Lewis  - after not seeing him for about three years I have managed breakfast with him twice this year - woohoo! Then I headed off home to see the family.

It was beautiful weather and we had a delicious lunch in a country pub before heading home where my Gran joined us and I forced us all to play Molkky.  I think they liked it....

classic molkky....action shot

I also tried to teach Jord some yoga which was hilarious - both my brothers are so funny and I wish I had their comedic talents!!    In fact special mention must go to my brothers for their amazing presents...Isaac had made me a frame for the print I got from a vintage Parisian magazine - he's so talented!!  and Jord gave me a load of veg from his allotment - including the weirdest potatoes I have ever seen in my life!! They look like knobs of ginger.  I had some of the beetroot last night and it's lovely - thanks Jord!!

hip party day!

this made me laugh uncontrollably for 20 minutes...thanks Dan and Marc!

fresh organic home grown veg

terrible photo, doesn't do it justice

So that was my wonderful weekend - great food, great weather, but most importantly great company :-)


  1. Don't I get a special mention for giving birth to those 2 wonderful brothers? Plus of course they must have got their comedic genes from me!

  2. Hope you had an excellent night out in the end. PS, that yellow necklace you're wearing is GORGEOUS! Where did you get it? -x-

  3. Advancing in age is not a reason to stop blog posts. I eagerly await the next instalment xxxxx


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