Monday, 3 August 2015

Pre birthday birthdays

I am writing this from the sofa feeling a bit sorry for myself as I am off sick - aching everywhere and hurts to move my neck, but on the bright side it's giving me time to write this so swings and roundabouts!!    I just went out and got the most delicious apple and ginger juice (vitamins you see) and bought a homeless man some food - when asked what he wanted, he replied "an Onken Vanilla yoghurt and a flavoured sparkling water".  Odd choices but made him happy!

Sometimes I love blogging and other times I really cannot be arsed to write about anything but then I feel bad when I don't write because I want to capture everything...and I am a bit anal and like things all in order and post to be similar lengths so now I feel like I have enough to write about for this one.

Both me and Sepha (and Jen, hello!) have birthdays within days of each other in August.  Sepha's away for her real one next week so she had a pre birthday celebration last weekend on Clapham Common.  It was basically a kids party with no adult supervision and it was GREAT.  You know when you tun up and the hosts are filling a large plastic bucket with 2 litres of vodka that it'll be a good one.

the black bits are kiwi pips, but the black bits did turn into flies later on....

We played Molkky, Finland's number 2  lawn game (it's so good I bought it myself after) and we also played Kubb, Finland's number 1 lawn game, after an older couple playing it came over to see what we were doing then let us play their game. Bless.   We also played Rounders, Pass the Parcel, and mutilated a water melon.  It was possibly the funniest game of Pass the Parcel ever....Sepha forgot to put dares in between each layer ( she's such an amateur Amy!) so we made up dares there and then....which meant Brad had to pretend to be a dog and ran up to another group of people innocently picnicking near us, got down on all fours, was barking and sniffing and cocked his leg up over one of them - possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life....Yates got an STD test (they have pop up STD tests in Clapham Common, who knew!) which we realised after could have brought the tone of the day down a lot should  he have come back positive, but he didn't so go Yates!, Sepha had to clamber into a bin, cover herself in rubbish and then jump out at the next unsuspecting person to make them was all very silly but funny. Possibly you had to be there to find it funny....I also managed to get away with NO DARE which I was very relieved by and instead took a shot of 'mystery juice' which was just whisky, phewf. We ended up at her flat playing board games and not- so-board games (guessing the person from the smell of their know, the usual party games) and eating pizza - there was a single guy there who seemed nice but I knew it was over the moment a girl turned up and started doing yoga and exposed her vagina to everyone, he couldn't stop staring so I gave up my very half hearted attempt at getting to know him better and cycled home!

I feel like more stuff has happened between this weekend and the last but I can't think what it was so obviously not worthy of writing it down.  Oh I did go on a date and nearly choke the poor guy to death, but that's maybe not one for the blog.  He's still talking to me though so can't have been that bad.

On Sunday I had a pre birthday of my own - mainly because it was such an expensive treat I felt it deserved an occasion rather than an off the cuff random thing to do, and I was worried I would be too hungover to do it on my actual birthday weekend, so opted for the week before.

I managed to rope my friends into joining me for brunch at Darwin Brassiere, in 20 Fenchurch Street (the Walkie Talkie -  have blogged about it previously here).  It's £38 and you get unlimited starters and puddings, Bloody Mary's, fruit juice and milkshakes, and one main - personally I think it's a great deal as the mains are very, very good and you get a LOT of food for your money.  My only complaints would be that service wasn't great, in the sense that they weren't as attentive as they could have been, taking a while to remove plates and re-fill glasses, but when they did pay you attention, they were incredibly polite and friendly and seemed happy and not stressed even though the place was busy.

If you don't want to eat, it's free to visit the Sky Garden but you have to book in advance and you only get an hour up there - and there's not much to do, so I personally would recommend booking a table in one of the two restaurants so at least you have something to do whilst you're there.

It's a sad time in my life when I have to admit that the cons of stuffing myself silly outweigh the I finally growing up???

In an attempt to eat as much as possible and get my money's worth, I had a quick early breakfast at 7am then went on an aborted 10k run attempt (I managed 5k and it was SO hard, so to make up for it I then went to the gym after.  So disappointing when I did 10k the other day!) and then I stayed hungry until our table was booked at 2.30pm.

I had a bit of everything on the starters table, only managed to eat half my eggs benedict (my chosen main - I would recommend the roast dinners), and had little bits of pudding.  I spent the rest of the day in relative uncomfort because my belly hurt....and it's now 4pm the following day and I have yet to eat anything!!  Boo to food babies.

went overboard with starters - green tomatoes!

4 puddings on me plate....i only picked at them honest!

Anyway - I would recommend it as a special treat.  It's a great atmosphere and surroundings, you feel like you're doing something a bit 'special' and it's a good excuse to dress up!

My actual birthday is next week, and I don't want any presents!!! However if you feel like you do need to get me something, I would LOVE it if you donated to Sight Savers.  It's such a good charity  - the majority of money donated goes directly to operations and preventions of blindness, 80% of the 39 million people who are blind can be cured or prevented in the first place - staggering!  £20 will pay for a trachoma operation - which is crazy to think that what I would pay for a couple of drinks on a night out would pay for someone to be able to see again. Brilliant!

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