Monday, 23 February 2015

Pizza on a bus

In the interests of keeping the blog up to date and keeping Lisa and Leanne satisfied, here's a mini slightly unadventurous update...

Friday I met Gad after work and we went on an unintentional pub crawl.  I wanted to take him to the 'sexy bar' as I like to call it, however drinks are quite pricey so we started off in the cheaper pubs (Wetherspoons! classy bird!) before heading to the sexy bar, The Old Bengal Bar, in Liverpool St.  It's very dark, has exposed brick work, mirrored walls and red leather seats. Plus the piece de resistance - free peanuts! What more could you ask for!! After our fill of peanuts we headed to Pizza East but the queue was a crazy one hour long, so we ran for the train back to Peckham and stumbled across The Crust Conductor and the Brick Brewery.  I highly recommend both!  The Crust Conductor is an old red London bus with a pizza oven in the back and seating on the top deck - I love a gimmick and this is a great one!!! The pizzas were on the pricey side (circa £8 - not the largest either) but very nice, and the beer is fresh as it's made on site.  There's also fairy lights, home made seating, a barrel that's on fire for warmth and enough hipsters to knit an extra large snood with their beard and bun hair.  It's good!

Saturday I was ever so slightly hungover (don't down cocktails, kids!) and dragged myself out of bed to go shopping with Bex. Embarrassingly I had forgotten my purse and she had to pay for everything all day - love her! Spent too much money and still haven't managed to get any walking boots for my impending USA trip, whoops!  In the eve (after a power nap) we went to the Old Blue Last for Kim and Stu's birthday. I like it in there - nice music, nice vibe, but manky toilets.

Sunday I did the hardest hot yoga session yet - it was a real struggle. I think mainly because it was a variety of holding poses for a long time added to very quick sun salutations so it was much more of a work out than previous ones I have been to - achey today!  I then met Gad in central where his company were having a meet up with past and future volunteers, joined them for dinner, went for a few drinks and headed home tired but happy! The weather was pretty miserable which was a shame as there was lots of festivities on for Chinese New Year, but all the lanterns looked a bit bedraggled under the weight of the rain and wind. Roll on Summer!!


  1. Are Lisa and I going to get a name check at the beginning of all of your blogposts now? (NB I am totally fine with that!) Also, that pizza bus looks amazing! -x-

  2. I will try my hardest! I wish I had taken photos of last night, I only got one of you signing a book and looking like a celeb but the flash caught your eyes and you look a little devillish!! Love you BILLIONS xxx

  3. Lol - I ruined that photo on purpose with my shiny eyeballs! x-x-

  4. We better get a name check! Just came on hoping that there might be a new update... I am thinking it should be a daily blog xxxxxx

  5. Haha lisa, if I did a daily update it would read 'got up, went to work, went to yoga, went to bed' - absolutely nothing exciting happens daily! Except I did sit on a wet bus seat the other day. That was quite exciting. I did the stoic British thing of just pretending like it never happened and continued to sit until my stop. eww. xxx


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