Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Best Valentine's Weekend EVER

happy valentine's day!

This post is dedicated to Lisa and Leanne, both of whom moaned that I hadn't updated my blog for over 2 weeks. (I am just happy they noticed!)

I haven't really been up to anything too exciting, I have mainly spent my evenings doing hot yoga (so far I have discovered it isn't very fun when you need to fart and that my favourite position is upward facing dog) or swimming, and I talked enough about both of those last time.  AND I haven't kept to my resolution of more sofa nights - I am not really sure what I have been doing with my evenings to be honest.

Last weekend was "V day" as I like to call it, and it was BRILLIANT.  On the Friday I went on a date. It went really well, we ate loads of chinese food, drank lots of alcohol, laughed a bucket load and I was a very happy bunny on the way home. I didn't even mind the bus was on diversion, the bus driver got lost and had to take directions from the passengers.

On Saturday, actual V day, I headed over to Putney for brunch with Jen and Bex and had a long overdue catch up over brunch in Bill's. We then headed to Soho where we saw the funniest thing I have seen in a while - Dracula! (Mr Swallow: The Musical).  I highly recommend this - it's only an hour long but I belly guffawed the entire time.

Afterwards we headed out for some drinks - me, Bex and Jen broke away from the main group and found an amazing little spot called Pacata (4 New Row, Covent Garden) as the pub we had gathered in was very busy and we couldn't sit down.  Pacata is amazing - the service was fantastic, the decor cosy and the food and drink great.  We shared some bar snacks and had some interesting beer based cocktails and continued with our catch up.  Just a little shout out to them too - we have been friends for 11 years and it makes me so happy we still get on just as well as we did when we were in Year 7 with our wonky teeth, boy hair cuts and puppy fat. I love them with all my hearts!

cheers to my lovely friends, here's to another 11 years xxx

Sunday was 2nd date (he's keen, I love it!) which went just as well as the first.  We strolled round my endz, found a shop that sold vintage matchboxes in Peckham (seriously! I did buy did he), ate Mexican in Brixton Village, played pool in MY FAVOURITE PLACE EVER the Dogstar, then headed home and chilled out in my manor. He had suggested going to the Kate Tempest gig in Brixton (amazing choice) but it was sold out, so instead we lit some candles, turned the lights down low and watched her videos on YouTube instead and pretended we were there. We also had a typing speed competition and a geography test, typical second date activities I am sure you'll agree.  He's definitely a keeper! (hopefully I am not jinxing it by writing those very words). Third, Forth and Fifth dates already planned. Sweet!


  1. Hooray! I love living my live vicariously through your adventures!! Glad to hear you seem to have met a nice chap too! ;-) -x-x-


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