Friday, 23 January 2015

Being a tourist in my own town

I have been taking my camera out and about with me a bit more (inspired by Martin who's taken some cracking shots of Madrid).

The other day Dan and I went up the Monument, then strolled along the river bank for a few miles.  We ended up at Vauxhall and hopped on a bus home, it was pretty nippy, I could no longer feel my feet and had snot dripping all down my philtrum (that word sounds so rude yet it's so innocent).  The Monument is quite a nice little tourist attraction - very reasonably priced at £4 plus very good exercise walking up all 311 stairs, with a nice enough view at the top.  I don't recommend if you're of a large and unfit disposition, or if you're afraid of heights - the spiral staircase is quite narrow and seemingly neverending.

I think when you live somewhere and see it every day, it's easy not to spot the beauty of it because you're so used to it, so pretending you're a tourist is a great way to capture some of the things you take for granted. (I may have literally pretended I was a tourist...with my trainers and sensible waterproof coat and camera round my neck and wooly bobble hat...I was even going to go as far as speaking in a foreign language if anyone happened to speak to me...weirdo)

I took all the day-time photos on the walk, and all the night-time ones on my way to my spanish lesson.

Millennium Bridge at Sunset

Tower 43, Cheesegrater and Walkie Talkie

Tower Bridge from the Monument

The Shard from the Monument

HMS President, Victoria Embankment

MI6 and St George's Wharf & Tower

Blackfriars Bridge

Sea Containers House, Oxo Tower and London Eye, seen from Blackfriars Bridge

The Blackfriar Pub



  1. Thanks for your comment Laura! It's fun isn't it! I have started to cycle a bit more round town too and you see so much more than on a bus or train :-) Harder to take photos whilst on a bike though ;-)


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