Saturday, 3 January 2015

Hello 2015, welcome to a slightly less booze hell

selfie attempt one

After several false starts and multiple facebook and whatsapp conversations, we finally decided to celebrate New Years Eve starting with dinner at mine then off to The Bishop for drinks and dancing.

Following on with my grinch theme, I am not one for new years eve either, I think it's overrated and expensive and often ends up a pretty miserable night (guess how I feel about Valentine's day peeps!!) however, I have had a few pretty awesome NYE sessions the past few years and my mind is being changed slowly.  I think it's more about who you spend it with than what you do, and as long as you've got your most fun friends along then that's all that matters.  (Lots of alcohol also helps, apparently)

We kicked off the night with G&Ts and chili and fajitas followed by a pretty epic Cards Against Humanity game (this was especially amusing as only a few of us had played before, it's always fun watching the newbies reactions) where I stupidly introduced the rule that whoever wins the round has to do a shot. Of Port. Port! Tastes like blood mixed with Ribena. Don't try this at home, kids!  

Floating head Tom

I always end up on the floor

Selfie attempt 2

Finally got everyone in (even if not everyone's looking at the camera!)

We had a celebratory glass of champagne then headed out the door to the pub.  I forgot Stuart was in the toilet so we were half way there when we realised we were missing someone and I'd locked him in the house. Oops... 

Over dinner we'd given each other dares which had to be carried out, some of them much harder/embarrassing than others:

Me - yell out in the pub 'We're here to have a pull a pig party!' whilst pushing on my nose to make it piggy like. 
Becky - start a conversation with a guy and mention she'd just queefed
Liz - start a conversation with a guy and mention that she'd spent the day squitting
Tim - wear his jumpers round his shoulders and come on to a girl (really not that hard!)
Tom - try and convince someone he was Jensen Button
Stuart - moon walk across the dance floor
Kim - stroke a random person's hair whilst saying 'so soft' in a creepy voice
Ben - have a photo taken with 4 girls who weren't us

I think most of us completed ours, and there's nothing like revelling in your friend's embarrassment to make a night instantly more enjoyable.  Becky even pulled the guy she told she'd queefed to - not sure how that works?!

I managed to miss midnight, I wasn't even aware we were in 2015 until we got chucked out the pub at 3am (though messages on my phone suggest otherwise, I guess I must have had self awareness at one point).  

We headed home and eventually stumbled to bed at 5am, where I failed miserably to sleep and instead spent the time wandering to the toilet to several times to try and make myself sick to feel better. Fair to say that New Years Day was a bit of a write off for me.

I attempted to cook my friends 'bacon and egg cups' that I'd seen on the web - they look amazing, but I think unless you have a proper muffin dish (ie not a small cake tray) and you aren't hungover, they'll end up looking like this....#pinterestfail

I overcooked them too so the eggs were like plastic fake ones and it really wasn't very nice. 

After having a PJ morning we mustered up the energy to go for a walk to Peckham where we went from cafe to cafe, each of them closed.  We ended up back where we'd started in ED and went to Franco Manca, I liked the pizza a lot more this time, but I really don't like the whole sourdough base thing - the crusts taste gross and that's usually my favourite part of the pizza.

Back at home I watched some more Prison Break and fell asleep at 8pm, ready for work today - bleurgh. 

All in all it was a good one, and it makes so much difference going out locally so you can walk home in 2 minutes - bliss!

A quick review of last year - it was such a blur.  I am really glad I have the blog as I can now look back on what I have done - my memory is pretty shocking and I wouldn't remember without it!!  I guess last year was mainly dominated with Asia travel in the summer.  Prior to that it was a whirlwind of great nights out to get the most out of Rob, Amy, Cesca and David before they left the UK shores, and some random trips away like camping in March (don't do it), fake camping in Suffolk, cottaging (not that kind, tsk) in Wales and daytripping in Paris.   I also gave climbing and Segwaying a whirl, drank way too much alcohol, and spent too much money. 

So - new year's resolutions:

- Learn more. (Achievement unlocked - I've just signed up to a 5 week intensive learn Spanish course)
- Stop biting my nails (this only happens when I go abroad - maybe I need to go abroad more)
- Finally book a weekend in Madrid to see Martin.

There's some more - I either need to get a new job or go travelling. Both are freaking the shit out of me and I can't decide which one to do. My comfort zone is so nice and snuggly...

What's your new year resolutions?

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  1. I think you should save up and go travelling again - either in South America or India -x-


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