Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A miscellaneous list of 10 things

I got a bit over excited with my last post and posted twice in a week so now I don't have much to write about now. Here are some things that have happened.  Some of them I am really scraping the barrel with.

1) FRANCESCA AND DAVID ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was the best thing I have heard in a very long time.  I don't really understand why but some weird passport issue has meant that they're coming home to meeeeeeeee. I feel really gutted for them that their adventure has had to be cut short and through no fault of their own and very unexpectedly, and sad for Amy that she isn't going to get the pleasure of their company any time soon, but also super super super stoked that I get to see them again.  The downside is they're then off again straight away to do Land's End to John O'Groats but at least they're in the same country as me and I can try and see them on weekends if they're in sensible places - or maybe we could have a big party in John O'Groats when they reach the end. I have missed them so so so much and I can't wait to see their tired little plane faces at the airport in June.

2) I got new shoes. I love them and the guy in the BMW in Sainsbury's car park loved them too because he told me.  They were my treat to myself on Saturday after mowing the lawn, doing a food shop, running chores in Peckham and preparing dinner for the evening. Also because I left my other pair of trainers in Death Valley. It was a very productive weekend.

3) Dan has an obsession with kitchen roll. I bought a 3 pack on Saturday morning and by Sunday night one roll was already finished. What does he do with it?! He did have a girl round and the house to himself....ewww the images I have in my head right now are a bit disturbing.

4) On the topic of Dan, I am currently listening to him and Marc talking in the kitchen.   Me and Liz are wetting ourselves with laughter as they're so weird. It's a sweet little bromance they have going on. I would write down what they're talking about but the conversation is jumping so quickly from topic it is impossible.  They're currently discussing which of the boyfriends (current and ex) who have visited the house have been the best and if they should get them an award or not. Weird. It's not clear if they know we can hear them or not.

5) Bread Ahead Doughnuts - oh emmm geeee. Today a guy at work brought in some for someone else's birthday, but the someone else wasn't in the office so we got to eat them instead (they had cream in so wouldn't last longer than a day).  Probably the most delicious doughnut ever - a proper fluffy doughnut coated in sugar (none of this Krispy Kreme Krap) pumped full of fresh vanilla cream. I highly recommend.  Also - another delicious thing to get is the Triple Chocolate Brownie Layer cake from M&S.  Probably the best thing I have ever put in my mouth ever. Try it.

6)  I joined a gym (with Marc - we got a family membership, how cute). It's brilliant, it's got a climbing wall, a squash court, badders courts, two gyms and a swimming pool.  And then I found out they're about to start trialling hot yoga and I got a bit emotional on the gym tour and the guy thought I was a bit crazy.  Tomorrow I'm doing pilates, and Sunday I am doing yoga and then swimming. I am excited to get back into a gym again - I missed exercise when I was away.

7) Which leads me nicely onto my next point - I was feeling miserable and PMSy last Sunday and returned to London in a weird mood, decided to go for a run. Dan kindly came with me and it was AMAZING. We did a route we've not run before so had no idea how long we were running for, and the first ten or so minutes were hell but then we got into a nice little rhythm and I almost enjoyed it! And when we got home the app said we had run 5.55km. Dead proud. And then Monday I walked home from work, and Tuesday I went for another run and it almost felt easy. I feel accomplished! Except that I should really be in the pool right now but I am feeling kinda sleepy and writing a blog post seemed more appealing. But I did walk home from work again today so there's that.

8) I am trying and failing to write a poem about purple, because Leanne wrote a great poem about pink and ended it with a slander about purple which happens to be my favourite colour. I have got as far as brainstorming purple things and that's it. I don't think I was made to be a poet.

Ideally I'd like to get my list to 10 to make it a nice rounded number but I think I'm going to have to end it on 8.  I have run out of things to say and barrels to scrape.   Oh wait I have thought of some stuff!

9) This blog, Deserter, is worth a read.  It often has me giggling on the bus.  I particularly like this article as it's a journey I myself have taken many times.

10) If you want something funny to watch on Netflix, their new show "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is worth a watch. It has me lolling and binge watching.

Wahey, I made it to 10! Now I am wondering if I should take the one about boys out. but then I'd need to think of something to replace it with and I can't be arsed...wait I took it out! Ciao for now!


  1. Yayyyy! What a good read!! So many exciting things! Especially the doughnuts. I want one!

    1. you have weird definitions of exciting things Lisi!!!! I am glad you survived an earthquake - now THAT is exciting!!! XXXXXXX

  2. It isn't so exciting when you miss an earthquake as you are too busy reading a dishwasher manual.... Xxxxxxxx

    1. no wonder you found my post exciting if you're reading dishwasher manuals!!!!!!! go and do a bungee jump!!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. Aw, cheers for the mention Nains. I have faith in you: your Purple poem will be excellent! Also, I think you are the only person I know who can get emotional about gym facilities. And THAT is why I love you. -x-


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