Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Accidental drinking and a good hangover cure

Last Friday night I met up with Bex and Kim for a long overdue catch up.   After wandering round Kings Cross for what felt like hours, we ended up in B@1 - mainly because they do a great happy hour until 8pm.

slightly drunk eyes on the left...

We (I) made full use of this, consuming many cocktails in a short space of time and as expected I was pretty hammered.  Requests to go to Rockaoke turned down (we shall return!), we headed home at a respectable 10pm with a pit stop at McDonalds, where I decided to pretend to the packed facility that it was my first time there ever as I had just escaped from living in a bunker, and was asking people what they recommended.  And also for some reason I answered to the name of Gupta.

After a sleepless night of making myself vomit and getting the drunken sweats, I uttered the ever repeated, meaningless words "I'm never drinking again" and got up early for our 8 mile walk round Box Hill.

I have a new love of hiking and the outdoors since coming back from America and have resolved to go out to the countryside more.  Bex and Dan agreed to join me on the hike - I sneakily didn't tell them it was 'strenuous' as I didn't think they'd want to come...and strenuous it was!

It sneakily starts off nice and flat in the woodland, before turning into lots of up and down hills that were steeper than the walk back up the Grand Canyon (no switchbacks!).

think the walking stick is a bit big

We were graced with beautiful weather - not too hot and not too cold, and after challenging ourselves to do the hike in 2 hours (it recommended 4), we did it in 3.45.  The fresh air and exercise was great for my alcohol riddled body and I am glad I did it!  Also, we saw a man walking 3 dogs on a lead, AND A CAT! It was the fluffiest cat I have ever seen and also very friendly and also it was being walked with dogs!!! Probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life.

I do recommend the walk, we did this one and it's a fairly nice drive out of London, and a circular route with £4 parking should you fancy doing it yourself.

just a few of about a million steps


we made it!

I had (stupidly) arranged a date for Saturday night.  Unfortunately there was something about him that really reminded me of Mark Corrigan/David Mitchell and once I had that image in my head I couldn't get it out -  he was a no go from the first 5 minutes.

Sunday I met up with Gem and Colin went for some delicious Vietnamese food at Banh Banh - in my opinion the best Vietnamese food outside Vietnam. They have a small but well perfected menu and everything's cooked freshly in front of you.  We then went to the cinema and saw The Avengers movie - it's good, 8 out of 10 popcorns.  (Ironman for the bants and Thor for the looks - mmmm)

Very unrelated but I feel I ought to mention - if anyone wants to donate to Nepal, here's a good list of organisations you can donate to who are helping with aid.


  1. So my message to you at 6pm on Friday saying 'don't drink too much' was completely disregarded? Hmmmmm

    1. yes mumma, notice how I also ignored your one the next day saying "are you hungover"!

  2. Which makes me looks like a sensible, loving, caring mother and you? ........ ;)

  3. I watched Avengers and was sorely disappointed - four out of ten popcorns from me!

    1. It did go on for a bit too long I thought, but I did enjoy it. To be honest I was just staring at Chris Hemsworth for most of it, even with his stupid hair cut


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