Thursday, 10 April 2014

Gym / Swim

The last few weeks have been all about fitness.  I joined a new gym near my work which is SO much nicer than my other one, and has men in it!  It also has decent showers, hair dryers and hair straighteners - all the important thing a girl needs in her life.

I have started going at lunch time to spinning classes - it breaks up the day nicely and if they play good music then it's like having a (extremely sweaty) midday disco.  Plus work has been a bit stressful recently so it's nice to escape for an hour.  I did a power plate class the other day - it was hell and I probably won't do one again.  I for one don't enjoy a vibrating plate (no rude jokes please) and when I eventually came off it, my left leg was in quite a lot of pain -and not work out muscular pain.

I have also started a swimming training course on Sundays.  Last week I swapped to the later session as I was coming back from Kent and it's at the posh girls's school in Dulwich.  The pool is really nice but to get to it from the changing rooms you have to go through a shower tunnel which sprays you with jets of warm water.  I like to pretend I am in Total Wipeout when I run through it.  The people in this session are much quicker than the other session but it's less crowded - I went from being the best in the beginners group to the worst, which isn't great but someone has to be at the back! My 200m time was 4min 11 and the instructor times you at the end of the 8 week course to see if your time has improved so fingers crossed mine will!  It involves lots of length swimming with pull bouys and floats and fins and timed breaks to increase your stamina.  The fins are my favourite - literally like having an engine and you fly through the water.  My crawl isn't great but today they asked me to demo my breast stroke which was nice!

On Sunday we got up early and went on an 8 mile walk around Burwash.  Because it was Mother's Day Isaac felt like he should come along which was really nice - he brought his camera and we spent the entire time taking stupid photos and generally being silly.  After the walk we worked up an appetite and went for lunch in a little tea room in town.

sibling selfie

On Friday I went to see Jazzanova at Village Underground with Samer.  I met him in a random cafe called Vape - you can buy e cigarettes that look like something you'd inject yourself with, which have flavoured smoke (loads of different flavours, custard, apple, gin, tangerine).  They serve coffee in science class beakers and the ecigarettes sit in test tube holders.  Very Shoreditch.  After Samer puffed away on a gin flavoured 'vape' (I will never make a smoker, each time I try it makes the back of my throat itch so bad) we headed off to the gig.

It was AMAZING.  They had a 7 piece band and it was so so good - the band were so tight and the vibes good.  The venue itself was perfect for them - great acoustics and really intimate.  We had an equally good and bad space - good as we had a great view, bad because it was at the top of the stairs and we spent a lot of time moving out the way for people.  Afterwards we were hungry so went for a late dinner at another very Shoreditch bar filled with neon lights and a ceiling made of skate boards.

Today I ended up at Streatham Kite festival.  It was an amateur affair, there were meant to be professional kite displays but we didn't see any in our time there.  There were also lots of people flying interesting kites as well as your usual festival food vendors, the hog roast etc.  We settled for roti which was nice.

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