Sunday, 13 April 2014

Double cinema and deer

 This week I went to the cinema twice.  Bit extravagant really isn't it!!!  On Tuesday I went to see "We Are The Best" with Kwame, randomly in the Millbank tower.  It was REALLY good and if you get the chance I do recommend it, but it's Swedish so I doubt it'll be in any mainstream cinemas.  It's a really adorable film about 2 12 year olds who are misfits at school but find their place in a school band.  It's really sweet and funny and reminded me of when I was at school (I was said misfit).
I then saw Divergent on Wednesday - it was good, but a bit long, and I only really enjoyed the last half as that's when everything happened.  I felt it didn't explain some things and if i hadn't read the book already then I would have been confused.  

I went home on Saturday as my little bro has been home alone for over a week and I think he was going a bit stir crazy.  We went for a nice walk in Knole Park, where we saw plenty of deer and also some pheasant eggs. Well I assume they belonged to pheasants anyway.  He took some sick photos, some below.  I am a little bit jealous of his camera - I want one. 

Today I went to my friend's house to do some DIY - he's just moved in to his own house and it's amazing - 2 bedrooms, 3 floors and 4 toilets! bizarre but always good to have the option of which toilet to use. 
credits to Isaac
credits to Isaac

credits to Isaac

credits to Isaac

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  1. I would just like to add I went to the cinema with Cesca. Cesca is my best friend. Better than Amy. This is the truth.


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