Sunday, 23 February 2014

Segway Saturday

I saw the Lego movie on Monday - it's really good and I highly recommend. I knew nothing about it and was pleasantly surprised, I give it 10 popcorns (out of 10).  The cinema was filled with kids as it was half term and there was one kid who was laughing manically throughout, bless him.

On Friday I went for drinks with work people and got accidentally drunk - I was only going to stay for one but one turned into three doubles on an empty stomach...oops.  We haven't been out in a while so it was good to catch up with everyone - I miss the summer of drinking in the wheatsheaf!  I then went to Amy and Rob's - I provided dinner (M&S deal of 2 pizza, 2 sides and pud for a tenner - SUCH a bargain!) and we settled down to watch Kung Pow - one of my favouritest funniest movies ever.

The weekend has been really good - I went on a Segway!!! Mum bought me a 2 person voucher which I was meant to use with the ex but we never got round to booking it, so 2 years later I finally booked it and took Jen along with me.  It was a bit scary as it doesn't feel very natural but you soon get used to it.  There was this little dick of a kid who thought he was amazing and was being ridiculously over confident and going really fast and turning quickly.  He got his comeuppance when he fell off about 5 times, including one quite spectacular one when he went off road through a muddy field, the segway wheelspan (wheelspinned? spun? who knows) and he fell off into the mud.  Unfortunately I also fell off - we were going down a steep hill and you gotta lean back to slow yourself down.  I couldn't get the hang of the whole leaning back thing as it felt unnatural and like I was going to fall off, then I did fall off but didn't want to let go of the segway as it would have tumbled down the hill, so I grabbed hold of it and it dragged me down the hill with it until I managed to crash it into a bin to stop it.  A bit embarrassing!  I do kinda want one now - though you don't really go much faster than a slow job so they are a bit pointless.

After the segway we hung out at Ally Pally for a bit then found a pub by the station and had a late lunch and catch up.  The pub was amazing, can't remember what it was called but it had a nice vibe and a brilliant menu of pizza and burgers.

beautiful day at alexandra palace

It took hours to get home from Alexandra Palace - the trains were messed up and I got stuck in a wave of girlguides who made me miss my train. I hate girlguides.  When I eventually got in  I made a cheesecake to take to Jen and Sam's the next day for lunch, then headed out to Cesca's house where she was having a mini uni reunion.  We went to the pub nearby who had a live band on and they were ace - an 8 piece jazz funk reggae band who were very lively indeed.  Took me right back to being 15 again!

Sunday I did the long trek to Jen and Sam's because the trains were down - they very kindly picked us up from High Barnet rather than us getting the rail replacement.  I felt a bit weird going through there as it was my old stomping ground at and after uni - lots of memories.  Jen and Sam had cooked a delicious lasagne that was topped with mozzarella and prosciutto - yum.  We then played Masquerade - basically the boardgame version of charades.  This provided much amusement and it turns out Ditch is really good at miming and guessing - he guessed my mime of 'Einstein's theory of relativity' which pretty much consisted of me pulling my  hair up into the sky and pointing at my glasses, and he also successfully acted out "Sir Harry Secombe's inside leg measurement".  Talented boy.

Oh moonup update below for those interested!!!!

Embarrassingly I couldn't get the bloody thing out. I tried Sunday night as an experiment and the thing wouldn't budge. So I got up especially early on Monday morning so that I would have enough time to remove it - but to no avail.  I started to get a bit panicky and imagining scenarios where I would have to go to A&E for professional removal.  On the way home I went and bought some rubber gloves for extra purchase - this turned out to be my saviour and after about an hour of contorting my body into a variety of positions, the thing finally burst out like a devil baby.  I am definitely not cut out to be a midwife - too squeamish and not strong enough.  Both friends who are avid users have said the first time is usually like that and I just need more practice.  Well it kinda scared me for life and I am not tempted to use again...but never say never.


  1. Gross... I hope those rubber gloves weren't put in the cupboard under the sink afterwards. L-pizzle (hehe)

  2. Oh my goodness! I love Kung Pow - but no one else seems to know about its existence. I'm glad other people know about it and I'm not just imagining weird spoof kung fu films! Also, I think you should make MOONCUP UPDATE a regular article on the blog ;)


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