Sunday, 2 February 2014


On Monday I went on a date.  It was successful - I had fun, and he wanted to see me again - see, a success.  We arranged to meet again on Saturday so of course I go out on Friday night and get a bit too drunk. Typical.

I went to Steam & Rye which is apparently owned by Kelly Brook. It's pretty awesome in there - American 1920s themed and all the hostesses are dressed as flapper girls.  The cocktails are immense  - you can order this huge shark head and when you order it, it causes a bit of a scene with the waiters and waitresses lighting sparklers and doing a bit of a dance.  You can also order a cocktail that comes in a lit up cauldron.  All of this is very expensive though so Samia and I stocked up at the wetherspoons over the road (like the classy birds we are) before heading across.

At about 9pm some sexy dancers came on stage which caused a bit of excitement. There was also live music, who randomly happened to be Pink from "Red N Pink", a band my friend plays bass for sometimes.  Small world.

I realised I was getting a bit too tipsy so headed home fairly early and coaxed Barbra into doing some homemade karaoke with me - much to Rich's amusement when he came home late and popped his head round the door to say hello.

Saturday I headed into central to meet my date.  I'd left it to him to decide what to do, but wasn't overly keen on his choice (wandering round Cov Garden in the cold - what can I say, I'm a demanding woman) and instead suggested we head to St Paul's as I've never been there before, and it turns out he hadn't either.  We walked from Covent Garden to St Paul's along the river which was pleasant, but we didn't realise St Paul's closes at 4.30 and we got there at 3.45.  We decided that since we'd both lived in London for a while and this was the only time we'd both been here, to just go for it anyway, and bought our tickets (a pricey £16 each! Valid for a year though.).

We rushed up to the top - when I say rushed, I mean went as fast as my little legs could take us - it's a lotta steps!!! I was pretty knackered by the time we got to the top.  The views are immense though - take a look below:

We then sat downstairs for a bit and swapped amusing childhood church stories until we were asked if we were staying for the service or not.  Feeling it was a bit inappropriate, we escaped and found a pub to quench our thirst and fill our rumbling tummies.

We had a bit of a kiss (awkwardly I always seem to go in for a full snog which probably isn't appropriate) then I left him with a smile on my face and rushed to Amy's house for dindins at hers where we had some very amusing conversations including how our parents used to wipe our bums when we were children.  Amy had a very disturbing position and it resulted in us all messaging our parents to ask what we did as kids.  Much to their amusement/confusion/horror.  It was a fun evening.

Today I headed up to Milton Keynes with some of the girls to see Celia who's moved up there.  I am not a massive fan of MK - it's a giant car park really, but it was nice to catch up with Celia as I've not seen her for probably 6 months!

This week I have been a bit crazy and booked spinning classes - it was £20 for 20 days, so going to try and go as much as possible. My first one is tomorrow and I am bricking it....


  1. Does 'date' know about your blog - you don't want to turn into Lizzie Jones :(

  2. date doesn't know and don't worry I won't go into gory details!!


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