Friday, 17 May 2013

Sri Lanka - Day 5. Nuwara Eliya

Today we started our journey to Nuwara Eliya, making several pitstops on the way.  The first pit stop was the Botanical Gardens in Kandy which were lovely.  There were huge plants which had leaves bigger than me, an orchid garden, and loads of different grasses and medicinal herb sections.  On the outskirts they had a suspension bridge across the river which only 6 people could be on at a time.

We also stopped at two tea plantations which was interesting - I guess you just take tea for granted at home, and this showed you the process from growing, picking, processing and packing.  The mountains in Kandy were covered with tea plantations, making it very green and beautiful.  The black tea is from the big bottom leaves of the plant, the green tea from the middle leaves and the top leaves are used to make silver tip tea.   We then had the opportunity to try the different types.

We bonded well with Roland today, having some banter about Jenni's fan that she's constantly waving.

Two boys selling bunches of flowers chased us up the roadside, and I was so impressed with their perseverance and stamina that I bought two bunches from them.

Our accommodation is VERY interesting....we had high hopes for it (King Fern cottage) as it is mentioned in one of our guidebooks.  On arrival it looked very hippy - it's a mish mash of tree houses, but our actual room was really damp and smelly, not very clean and comfortable.  The bed and pillows actually smell of BO and dampness.  We didn't know if we should laugh or cry, so chose the former and had one of the funniest nights we've had, playing silly games until we laughed until we cried.  The only plus point of the accommodation is the food - we had a delicious curry and rice dinner.

Before dinner we decided to stroll into the town of Nuwara Eliya - it didn't have much but was a pleasant enough walk, until I felt something fall on my head - it was a maggot!!! so gross.  Very eerie skies that evening too, see below!

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