Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sri Lanka - Day 6 - Nuwara Eliya to Ella

We got an OK sleep in the damp bed....our eggs at breakfast were made into smiley faces which we enjoyed, maybe they were trying to make up for the pants accommodation.

We drove down through Nuwara Eliya to the train station. On the way we stopped at a huge lake which had pedalos on, and a sea plane landing area for tourist trips.   We also passed a horse race track which was interesting to see as really it was a shambles - full of weeds and pot holes and really not very safe to race horses on.  The road to the station was the worst road I have ever seen - we literally had to drive about 2 mph as it was so full of pot holes, with steep drops either side of the roads - didn't stop busses careering round corners and nearly hitting us though!


this is a road....

train departure board

train ticket

We then got a train to Ella - apparently this route is one of the most stunning in the world. Not sure about that claim, but it was pretty beautiful.  On the train we met a nice guy called Amin, who was a graduate Doctor from the UK who was travelling before starting his proper job.

The train was an interesting experience - the journey was a few hours and there were men going up and down selling peanuts and other hot snacks.  The doors on the train were also wide open so you could hang out of them.  I sat at one of the doors for a while watching the scenery go by.

Amin was going to climb Little Adam's Peak, which we also wanted to do, so we decided to join teams.  Roland gave him a lift with us and then guided us up to the peak.  The walk was lovely, we were high up in the mountains and when we got to the top we were surrounded by clouds.  It started to rain and we got a bit wet but it was definitely worth the view.

ridiculous holiday trousers

Our hotel for the night was a random place in the middle of nowhere with incredible views across the valley.  We played cards on the balcony whilst waiting for our dinner to be cooked.  Dinner was a funny affair - we were sat in what appeared to be the owner's personal dining room and fed a feast.  Roland was cracking loads of jokes and we were doing pretend bollywood dancing at the table whilst discussing music tastes. It was a fun evening!

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