Thursday, 16 November 2017

Microblog 1

This weekend me and Aric went to Cambridge - he had to go there for work so I joined him on a little adventure. It's not as nice as the 'real' Cambridge but it's quaint - oddly everything shuts at 3pm on a Saturday.  He was in charge of accommodation booking and did a fabulous job - a little campervan on a lifestyle block.  I was in charge of navigation and didn't do such a fabulous job, taking us halfway to Hamilton for dinner before realising we were going totally the wrong way and had nearly run out of fuel. Oops.  On Sundays they have an amazing market so whilst he was doing work duties I went shopping, before watching the Armistice day ceremony.  I've never watched one of these before and it was emotional - something I was surprised by but shouldn't have been I guess. We headed home via the Blue Springs, which are the clearest springs I've ever seen in my life.

Monday me and some of the girls had a long overdue catch up and went to Karekare for a dinner picnic which was lovely, and got me very excited for the summer coming.

On Tuesday, Amy and Colin finally got to meet Aric - which is crazy as we've been dating for 4 months, but I guess we have all been really busy and our lives are doing different things at the moment.  I then 'worked from home' at his house on Wednesday as he had the day off and my tummy was hurting, so I had a very chilled day of answering emails and finishing Stranger Things........

This morning I had to get up super early to take him to the airport - he's gone on holiday for 2 weeks.  Sadly he booked this before we both decided we liked each other, so he's off on his own.  He actually invited me along for the first part of the trip - all epxenses paid, but I am doing the Auckland Harbour swim on Saturday and decided that though a free trip away would have been amazing, I can't not do the I said no....much to the amusement of friends and colleagues. The race better be worth it now....

I went to the dentist today for toothache and ended up having root canal treatment and the rest of the day my face felt like it was buzzing and weird.  The dentist was lovely and offered me a piece of her pavlova after my treatment.  She can't continue with it as the root is too damaged and has referred me to a specialist who is going to charge me between $1600 and $1800 to sort it out, plus then I'll need a crown in 6 months for $1500. fuck. However, instead of being sad about this, I am focussing on how grateful I am that I am in the very fortunate position of being able to pay for this through my savings and how great it is that I have an income to replenish my savings.

The other weekend me, Amy, Colin and Renee did an adventure race.  It was a lot of fun - basically a rogaine on steroids - it had a tubing section which was very fun and now we are planning on river tubing adventures when it gets warmer. Yessssss.

I am sat here writing this in my wetsuit...I am trying to stretch it out a bit before Saturday and get used to the tightness.  My hands and wrists ache whilst typing as it's so tight.  I love how buoyant it makes me but the tightness makes me feel really tired when I am not.  I need to get used to this.  Dan and I did an ocean swim clinic last Saturday which made me feel better - I didn't freak out about being in the water as I was surrounded by other people which was good, and the same thing will happen in the race so hopefully I won't panic.  However I also struggle to breathe properly again because it is so tight....hmmmmmm


  1. Well done on the swim (I hope that's not a spoiler for your next blog) and well done for the positive attitude, I think you get it from me ;)

  2. Ohhh Stranger Things is sooo awesome. I love it. Especially Dustin. I hope they make loads more, except the kids will get old. Second series I thought was a bit lame, as Will's still the victim and the demigorgans are still the monsters. Why not change it up a bit? Also the nosebleeds are gross.


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