Sunday, 6 November 2016

Music, Rugby, Kites and a Mexican

I have just got back from an awesome road trip on the south island but because I am anal I need to write about the previous weekend which I should have done ages ago but never got round to doing.

A couple of weeks ago we went to a really good gig - we saw The Rubens which are an Oz band that I'd never heard of but Shanyn, Sam and Ben really like. Tickets were only $15 so we bought some and I invited Morry along too.  It was a cute venue - a small back street pub with a stage, my favourite kind of venue in fact as you can get real close to the action.  The band were really good, even if I did only know the last 2 songs, and entertaining enough.  The lead singer decided to crowd surf to the bar to get a bottle of champagne, but they bar only had miniature bottles of fizzy white wine which was quite funny as he attempted to spray the crown with a 330ml bottle.

On Friday me and Morry were meant to go to an art exhibition thing in Devonport with his sister and her friend, but they bailed so we went anyway.  Turns out the exhibition was still being put up due to bad weather previously, so we checked out what was around (not much), then we went for dinner, sat in the car at the waterfront and watched the sun go down (sounds tres romantic but I'd like to point out we're not dating, don't get all excited. I am not even sure we're friends anymore because I seem to be incapable of being friends with boys I like but that's another story for another day)  and went for a wander round the area and found an awesome tree and an awesome bookshop.

It was a very Morry intense weekend actually - I met him on Saturday to go to his old primary school 'agricultural day' which was so cool and makes me jealous of primary school kids in New Zealand. He grew up in Dairy Flats which is now only a 20 minute drive from Albany but when he was a kid the nearest town was a lot further away and it was more remote.  It was fun wandering round his old primary school and there were baby goats and sheep and cows everywhere - I was in heaven!!!

We then did some clothes shopping for him which was a bit dull but then made up for the dullness by buying a kite in the shape of an owl and flying it on the beach! We only stopped when he managed to land it in the sea and it got a bit wet and sandy and was too hard to fly anymore.

That evening his sister was holding a Mexican themed party so we went along to that, buying neckerchiefs and drawing eye drops for murders on our faces.  We played drinking jenga and I had to do shots of Patron as I kept losing, then we beat everyone at Cranium and went to bed.

In the morning we met up with his rugby friends, had breakfast then drove up to Whangarei.  We checked out Whangarei falls, which are nice enough, then played glow in the dark mini golf then went to go watch the rugby - they all support North Harbour and luckily they won (and then won the finals, woo) and it was actually much better than I thought it would be, I quite enjoyed myself, and I now know stuff about rugby.

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