Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A wee catch up

Flippin heck. I am the worst blogger ever aye!

Let me do a quick catch up to present day then I'll do a bumper birthday one (fuck, I turned 29. and the weird thing is I actually feel 29....urghhhh)

- Conor had a birthday so we went to a nice Thai restaurant where a random guy on another table put a penny in my wine and tried to make me down it. I wasn't impressed. Someone in his group then bumped into a shelf full of beer and smashed them all on the floor....they had to pay for it all. haha. Conor lives in a house with a sunken hot tub in the conservatory. Amazeballs. The sad thing is it doesn't work.

- Me and Matt went on a weekend down to Port Waikato.  He kite surfed and I watched - I managed to fly a little bit on his back on the land which was fun but hard.  It was a nice weekend - the weather was a bit miserable but I embraced it and played in the shallows like a big kid.  On Sunday it was too windy to surf (though it didn't stop Matt from trying) so we left Port Waikato and headed to Pokeno market which was quite cute, had lunch then drove to Manukau Heads again because he hadn't been there and it's awesome.

- It's the month of birthdays - Clemence also had a birthday.  We went to go see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis which was pretty awesome though I did feel a bit old, he's nice live and had lots of peace loving messages to give throughout the night. I only knew 3 songs but it was good nonetheless! At the end we had our photo taken with one of the support acts who was outside roaming the crowds practicaly begging for people to take photos with him. Bless. She then had a party on the weekend which was good fun but I was suffering from a rubbish cold so was a bit of a bore.

- I got hit by a bus. HAHAHAHA such a sensasionalist bullet point. My car got nudged by a bus and when I got out and asked the driver for her details everyone on the bus started shouting at me and saying it was my fault (I don't think it was - I was stationery and she was moving and hit me) but never mind. Luckily there's only a little mark and it was more the shock of people shouting at me but I survived!

Umm so really there isn't much to talk about....I had a nice weekend away just gone but I'll save that for another post. I have picked up extra hours at work doing data entry so I have been working mad hours, plus I signed up for another yoga thing so I have basically been working or yoga or hanging out at Matt's house, nothing particularly exciting.  I am excited for the weather to start getting better and evenings less dark so I can do more things - currently winter here is like winter back home!!!


  1. You got hit by a bus when you were a pen and paper? Tut all that money I wasted on your education :(

  2. Maybe that's why I got hit 😂😂😂


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