Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Soz dear readers (all five of you), I have been very busy and forgot/couldn't be bothered to write for a while.  Here's a quick recap of what I got up to...

A 9 mile walk for Amy's birthday through Kent countryside ending in steak frites and flirtations with the waiter.

Cinema with Kwame to see "Starred Up".  I envisaged it being like Star Dust (one of the best movies ever) mainly because they both feature the word 'star'.  Crap logic.  I was very much mistaken as it turned out to be a gritty UK prison drama with lots of violence.  Still, it was good and had humour in it, even if I did miss parts where I turned away because of the blood and fighting.  We then went for dinner in Chinatown - this is the first time I have been to Chinatown EVER even though I used to come up to London as a kid and I have lived here for 4 years.  Don't quite know how I managed to avoid it!  The ducks hanging in the windows reminded me of Singapore and I miss it lots.

Lambing with Lisa and Mark - it was Hadlow's Lambing Weekend so we popped along.  We got to hold some lambs (not as cute as I thought, they're very bony and smelly) and saw some very new born lambs including the placenta hanging out of the mum's lady parts, which wasn't too pleasant, as well as some calves who were cute.  They're very energetic as calves, all springy and friendly, funny they grow up to be large fat boring beasts.

20  minute old lambs!

Tuesday saw the last time I would hang out with Barbra in a while.  It was her last night in London so we celebrated with LOTS of pizza and other unhealthy crap from Dominoes. I don't like saying goodbye so just said night, but then got all upset on Friday when I came home hoping to do some homemade karaoke with her and went up to her room...and saw it was empty :( might have had a little cry.....miss you BB!!!!

My very very lovely friend Becky surprised me with cinema tickets to see Her on Wednesday - she was attempting to cheer me up from my stressed out state which I have been in for the past few weeks. Such a weird film.  It's a bit long but the acting is good - Joaquin Phoenix is very creepy and the stuff of nightmares.

Finally we are on to this weekend.  Cesca and David had decided to go camping this weekend and asked Amy and I along.  We said yes, borrowed a tent, squidged into her micra and trundled down to Plumpton (near Lewes/Brighton) for the weekend.  WHO'S BLOODY IDEA WAS IT TO CAMP IN BLOODY MARCH?!!! Nearly died of frost bite. It was SO cold.

Due to traffic we changed our original plan of stopping in Lewes and went straight to camp site to set up the tents.  There was a pub a mile or so away so we walked there (marvelling at the lambs on the way) and sat in the pub for a few hours drinking and eating. When darkness fell we decided to head 'home' and play card games by the fire.

Unfortunately the wood we had purchased was damp so getting a good fire going was hard work - David managed to get one going and between us we managed to keep it going for 2 hours - earning me several nicknames including 'Phoenix' 'Fire Fluffer' and 'Blower' due to me blowing frantically on it every 3 minutes to keep it from going out.  I got smoke in my eye and very dizzy but it was worth it for the warmth.

good start to the tent set up process...trapped hair

i want to stay in this next time!!!!!

Barely got any sleep as it was too cold and very uncomfortable - my sleeping bag is a summer one for optimum temps of 13-16deg....it was 6!!! and we only had a duvet to sleep on so neither Amy or I got a great sleep!!

In the morning we decided to head to Lewes however Cesca's car started playing up so we ended up coming straight home.  So basically we drove 60 miles for a pub dinner and to sleep in the cold - but it was still fun and nice to get out of London :-)

Sunday night we had inherited tickets for David O'Doherty due to the original attendees going to a stag do instead. SO FUNNY!!!!!! He is my new favourite comedian.  Very down to earth and sweet.  I highly recommend him if you get the chance - a clip below!


  1. Love the pictures of the lambs :) You forgot that you fell asleep in the film haha. Amy's trapped hair looks painful!! xxxxx

  2. You truly were the best blower that night.. you were very skilled at getting hold of the wood and blowing and blowing until your jaw hurt :-p

    1. until the fire came to a climax then went out.


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