year in review - 2021

This year in review is a bit different to the others, mainly because it's all about BOYS.  After a two year break (not really enforced, more circumstantial), this year was full of boys and dates and sex. I thought it might be a bit crass to write about boys, but fuck it - it's my blog, I can write what I want. Besides only mum reads it anyway (hi mum, sorry for what you're about to read). I may do a more serious year in review at a later date, as it has been a big year - moved cities, got a new job, bought a house, made new friends, went snowboarding lots, got a cat.  But the things that have brought me most joy, and sadness, and actually pretty much every emotion under the sun, have been boys.  I don't know why I'm built this way - why I crave the attention from them and why I am so obsessed with them. Perhaps it's 'daddy issues'.  Perhaps it's societal moulding. I don't know. All I know is I want a boyfriend, and I have tried my darned hardest

A birthday blog for Mum

It's mum's birthday today, and the other day she requested a blog update - and since I've not sent her a birthday card in the mail, I can only oblige and update the blog! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMA! So I've been a homeowner for 3.5 months.  I'm enjoying it! It's expensive, but I'm trying to do things as cheap as I can.  I managed to furnish the entire place for less than $2.5k with majority of stuff being second hand from Facebook Marketplace, TradeMe, op shops and some free stuff from friends and colleagues. My most expensive purchase so far has been an $800 washing machine because the $50 one I bought just didn't cut the mustard.  I sorted out all the plumbing myself with various trips to Mitre10 and Mico who were exceptionally helpful - just showed them photos of what I had and described what I wanted and they showed me the parts and told me how to fit them - bingo!  As stressful as it can be, that's the thing I'm enjoying the most - the independenc

I guess I'm an adult now

As per usual, a long overdue update is needed. Just re-read the last post - I survived the Kepler Track, woohoo! And I've survived my first six months living in a new city - so much so that I've gone and done something pretty big....I accidentally bought a house! So to back track.....I got offered a job almost immediately after I finished up at my old one.  Funny really - I spent my first week of unemployment run down, stressed out and beating myself up about not having a job, the following week was spent walking the Kepler track and getting a job, and then safe in the knowledge I had employment, I took a final week off to actually relax and do nothing.  I'm my own worst enemy, honestly. My new job was only a three month contract with the potential for it to be made permanent, as a Communications & Engagement Advisor for a tiny little company - tiny as in there's only my boss and I! Luckily we get on really well and he is super chill and very relaxed about things li

Tuesday Blues

I've had a funny old week.  It was my first week of unemployment as my contract finished.  I was definitely ready to leave, and I already felt like I'd said my goodbyes at the end of last year, so it was a little bit weird coming back just for three weeks to write one newsletter and tie up some loose ends - though it was a sound financial decision at least.  People have spent the last few months asking 'what's next' and 'how's the job hunt going' and I now HATE that question.  The last few months of work were so busy that I literally couldn't think of anything else, let alone job hunt, and I genuinely don't understand how others managed to get jobs so quickly.  But I have always been one for struggling to let go of things and move on, so maybe that's part of it.   Anyway, so I finished up jobless and to be honest, really quite looking forward to the break (despite the fact I had literally just had three weeks off over Christmas).  I had all t


  I learned a whole heap in 2020.  Lockdown was both my highlight and lowlight.   It was tough, but I coped well considering and managed to occupy myself so I didn't go insane.  It made me appreciate the little things i completely take for granted like freedom and variety.  I was incredibly grateful to be living in Kaikoura at the time and have housing sorted and a job I could do from home, and for Emily for volunteering to move in with me so neither of us would be alone.  Most mornings I'd go for a walk to the waterfront and sit and admire the view, and we would go for lunchtime walks and notice new things each time. I am exceptionally grateful to be living in a country where the government are competent, caring and courageous and the people mostly follow the rules and use common sense.  Life has been back to normal for the best part of 6 months for us and it has been wonderful.  I almost think we should lockdown for a month every year, to take that opportunity to slow down an

The Best Room

I'm sat here in my 'new' room in Kaikoura, propped up on the pillows in bed.  Heated blanket is on, hair's wet and my finger is throbbing and has gone slightly poisonous because I'm a child and don't know when to stop biting my nails.   As I look around this room I'm reminded of all the bedrooms that have come before it.  My shoebox child's bedroom with a bed on a high frame to create space for furniture underneath it, the walls covered in posters of Ricky Martin, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lara Croft.  My uni dorm room that I had to paint over blood spatters on the wall with tippex (there's a story there, but maybe not one for the blog), the variety of disgusting bedrooms in Hatfield that followed it with awful wallpaper and single beds and no sound insulation.  My two rooms in my house in London - both large considering our rent, cold and creaky and the floor wasn't flat so all furniture would wobble.  My favourite room of all is my first roo


As this is such a weird moment in history I thought I ought to record it in a blog post.  It's been surreal, but also very quickly, normal - it's crazy how quickly humans can adapt to new situations.  NZ went into lockdown on Mar 26 th .   Lockdown.  It sounds like something out of a computer game doesn't it.  We heard about this crazy new virus in China around January time, but as with SARS and Bird Flu I figured it wasn’t anything to worry about –initial reports seemed like it was a bit like the normal flu, and China was really far away, and the previous virus's hadn’t really got out of hand.   In early February time, more reports were coming of people outside of China having contracted it.  My colleague Adele was meant to be heading off to Australia and Singapore for a holiday in March, and was religiously checking the daily infection count.  I thought she was over reacting a little bit, but I like to underplay stuff, mostly I guess for my own sanity. We were plann