Blogs I like

Sepha (my inspiration)
Something More Weekly (my housemate)
Up Sticks (Amy & Rob's travel blog)
Brilliant Marm  (Lisa & Mark's New Zealand adventure)
Ten Years Time (Leanne - very talented poet, very lovely friend)
Eat Sleep Walk Repeat (Cesca and David's fundraising 900 mile walk)

The Travel Hack (savvy female traveller with lots of handy tips)

Incurably Curious  (my new favourite blog but it isn't updated as much as I'd like, I want the girl to be my BFF)
Curious London (one stop shop for cool things to do in London written by the girl above)
Carrie Loves (good for bloggy/internet tips)
Eclectic Cake (inspiring fitness blog - I went to uni with Jen and never knew she was into all this stuff, amazing!)
Hannah Gale (check out the lists section, they make me lol)
A Simple Geeky Life (I absolutely ADORE this blog - they live local to me and review all the random restaurants in Walworth and Camberwell plus others, as well as reviwing Asian snacks and Christmas Adverts)
Helen Graves - blogger based in Peckham/Camberwell, blogging about all the local stuff I never even knew about

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