Tuesday, 2 May 2017

March and April catch up

Haha if you came here from Dan's advert on facebook then I have to apologise for the quality of the blog lately.  Sorry for the lack of updates. I have actually done some quite cool stuff recently but I just haven’t been in the mood to write. And then my phone broke so I barely took any photos which I usually use to remind me of what I have been up to.   I have been super stressed about the future and not feeling very enthusiastic about anything and to be honest haven’t been a great egg to hang around with – I feel like I am snapping at people and getting annoyed and frustrated very easily and haven’t had the energy or enthusiasm to write about anything.  BUT my friends are amazing and I'll do another post on that later ;-)

Some things that I have done recently:

-          Ben’s leaving do.  My wonderful friend Ben has left to go on an adventure in the US.  He has a super cool job where he’s the tour photographer of husky tours in Alaska – so cool.  I am very sad he’s gone though, we were very close and he has left a big Ben shaped hole in my life.  For his leaving do he made us all go climbing and have a pot luck at the climbing centre – such a Ben thing to do.  But also a really good idea!

-          Surfing and paddleboarding with Morry (we're friends again now (for now. Hah. )) 

-          Went to the coolest theatre show EVER called The Encounter.  Me and Adam (work Adam) bought tickets which were pricey but we hoped they would be worth it and wow they were….if you get an opportunity try and see it. It’s so hard to describe how amazing it was – it was intelligent, goosebumpy, technical, insane, sensory overload, mindwarpingly good. 

-          Been swimming and playing lots in the sea with Franzi- some random woman asked to take photos of us so we said yes and then she sent them to us which was cute. 

-          Went for a nice wee stream walk and a camp in the Waitaks with Shanyn and Franzi

knee injuries
- Been to the chiropractor a few times. It's well interesting, he said my right leg was 3cm shorter than my left!!! Apparently my hip has dropped so it's shorter so he's spent time doing weird things to make it right again. It's pretty fascinating - he pushed up the left side of my body and it was really painful, then he cracked my back a few times and my hip and then after it didn't hurt anymore! It was like magic. 

-          Had a really awesome 80s party for our housemate Ash’s birthday – I fully committed and dyed my hair pink for the occasion and decided to go as an 80s hooker purely based on the dress I found in a charity shop. I may have got a bit drunk and Amy told me she didn't want me to leave New Zealand and I started crying in the pub because I never knew Amy felt that way and it made me cry. 

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