Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Weekend adventures

As per usual this is a very delayed post with loads to cover...I'll try start in chronological order! ALSO my main distraction at the moment is the new season of Orange is the New Black  - oh my gosh it's so good, can someone leave a comment about what they think of it? This season is so dark but also so funny and a bit over the top...

- One Sunday afternoon I took myself for a drive down to Manukau Heads - it looked interesting on the map so I headed down and was very happy I did - once I got out of central Auckland the countryside was gorgeous.  I stopped on the way up to have a pee in a field and met some super friendly cows who let me stroke and feed them grass, then headed on upwards to the lighthouse.  It's one of the only lighthouses open to the public, it's only tiny inside but you get nice views (as you should!) from the top.

- One of Amy's friends, Julia, organised a girls night out which was a lot of fun. It was a nice chance to get dressed up and go out dancing - we started with a dinner in a restaurant then headed to Family Bar on K Road, which was my first gay bar experience. Me and Clemence ended up being the backing dancers for the karaoke (my first karaoke in NZ!) and had a lot of fun.

- Had a work night out with my new team - they throw socials every quarter, we went to an Escape room which was fun but very hard - the people who ran it actually stopped the clock a few times for us!! I think once you get going it gets easier but it's hard to know where to start. We also played pool for 3 hours but I was rubbish - considering I had played a few days before on a date where I beat the guy....i guess you can't win them all.

- I went camping with a guy I met off Tinder (the one I beat at pool) - a bit risky and could have been a total disaster but I told him beforehand I was only interested in friendship and I figured it wasn't that weird to go camping with total strangers as that's what I did when I was travelling anyway.  The weekend was really good fun - he owns a 4x4 which I got to drive on the beach and through a river, and there was a wolf dog, and sausages and burgers and beer. I plucked up the courage to boogyboard down the steepest sand dune I ever saw and loved it so much I went again - but on my second time I accidentally let go of the boogy board and it blew all the way to the bottom which was annoying.

- The week just passed is Matariki, which marks the start of the Maori new year.  Lots of light festivals were being held in its honour around Auckland and i managed to get to 2 of them - basically a food market with cool light installations.  A few of us headed onto the North Shore and went to one, we ended up sitting underneath one installation on bean bags until it gave me a headache, then headed to the pub - it was a really nice chilled out evening with a bunch of people who didn't know each other very well but everyone hit it off :-)

- Florian came to stay with me on his way to Australia - I worked with him in Kinloch so it was super nice to catch up with him again.  We went on a hike in Piha with Justine which was beautiful, and on Justine's last night in New Zealand (she's left to continue on her cycling journey - she's currently cycling solo in Malaysia the brave little beast) we went to her house where she cooked us pizzas and we had a lot of fun on snapchat.

- We had an awesome impromptu BBQ on the new BBQ I acquired from freecycle - we managed to get quite a few people come round at last minute and had a really nice evening.

- Went to an Auckland night market for the first time - they're awesome! Held in covered carparks, they have tons of food trucks and a few stalls selling jewellery. I felt like I was in Thailand again!

I think that's pretty much it...job's going well, feeling more settled in it, I just need to work on my mission of finding a Kiwi guy to marry so I can stay here forever......

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