Sunday, 3 July 2016

Going wild in Waiheke

To distract myself from the terrible, terrible decision the UK made last week, I am going to try and catch up with the ol' blog.

So, first things first, I have a new job! I got a call to say that my contract with the property company was coming to an end sooner than they thought as they found a permanent replacement, so I had a panicked Thursday afternoon spent job hunting (which I did at work, so was getting paid to job hunt, woot!) and by the end of the day secured an interview on Friday and 2 on Monday - sweet! By Friday lunchtime I was re-employed as a Business Support Officer for ANZ, which is one of the largest banks in NZ and I would be working at their HQ in the CBD - so I was pretty happy with that! It's a good experience and will look good on my CV, and it's for 3 months so gives me a bit more stability than temping for a few weeks at a time.

Because I had to do security checks and stuff I had a week gap before I started work, so I treated it like a mini holiday.  On Monday I ditched one interview as it was for a recruiter, and went to the other one - a really awesome company called Sidekicker.  Essentially they're a recruitment agency but with a twist - it's a platform where employers advertise for workers, and the work is often events type stuff where they need people on an adhoc basis for an hour or two to set up an event, as well as more longer term positions.  You go to an interview with Sidekicker and they check you're kosher, take your photo and help you create a profile on their website which employers get access to.  It sounded like a lot of fun so I have signed up and already worked a shift where I assisted a photo booth at an event. It was really fun and a bit of extra pocket money.

The new job is OK - I started on Monday and getting access and set up on systems has been a bit of a pain so far, so I haven't had much work to do.  But the team are really friendly which is such a nice change from the last job - people have been coming up to me all week and introducing themselves which is lovely. And there's a fit boy too. And more fit boys on other floors. I need to find a fit boy to marry so I can stay here forever and not have to go back to the stupid UK.  The offices are nice and so far my job has entailed putting out biscuits every morning (I get to choose what biscuits everyone eats throughout the day - it makes me feel very powerful), and putting out beers and wine on Friday afternoon.  I am hoping that I will get a bit more responsibility and do something a bit more technical...

view from the office - though rare to see sun the last few weeks!

i love this pic. pretty proud of it, reflection of the sky tower on my way to work

another view from my office

and another view from my office - not quite as exciting

my building

Also I can't believe I didn't start the blog with this - I have my own room!!! An actual bedroom with a door and 2 windows and a bed and somewhere to put my clothes. IT IS SO EXCITING!  Amy's spare room finally became free so it's now mine, wooo!!!  I made some art work for it which I copied off a print I saw on Pinterest and then cut out bits of coloured card and stuck them together to create this:

I am really happy with it but I can't work out how to display it - I blutacked it to the wall and it fell off at night time and gave me a fright.

I am pleased with my bargain hunting - my bed is made of free pallets I got from the street, my mattress cost me $50 from Shanyn, my bedding is from Anja and op shops, I got a make up mirror from the dollar store, my bedside table is a tiny chair from a thift shop for $5 - I feel like I never need to spend a lot of money on anything ever again! (wait - this isn't a new thing)  NZ op shops are awesome, I have probably bought the majority of my wardrobe for under $50 from the op shops.   Pallets are the way forward - so useful! Shanyn recently made a coffee table from them and it looks awesome. I am hoping he'll make me a book shelf to go at the end of my bed...

Anyways back to the title of the post - a few weekends back we went to Waiheke! Waiheke is a little island 40 mins ferry ride from Auckland harbour, known for its wine and activities.  We went with the rest of the climbing crew and had a nice time - we hired a bach on the beach, drank lots, played strip table football, and then played sardines in the dark in our underwear (honestly Amy is such a pervert) did wine tasting, went for a nice walk.  We found the most amazing long grass and pretended we were tigers and climbed lots of trees.  It was a good weekend!

Other things I have been up to...hmmm.....went for a nice walk out at Bethells Beach again - it's a really pretty coast line.  My petrol ran out on the way there and so had a bit of a panic about whether we'd make it back to the nearest gas station but luckily we did.

I also did a nice little walk through the bush north of Auckland, I don't normally like bush walks but this one was really quite pretty, and I saw tons of Tui, a Morepork and Pukeko - I am all about the native NZ birds at the moment.

And finally last, last week I did tons of exercise, had a 3 day free gym pass so made the most of it!! Me and Justine went and did spin and pilates on Monday (pilates is my new favourite thing, harder than yoga), swimming and yoga on Tuesday and Muay Thai on Wednesday - which was so much fun and I'd like to do again! I think I have a bit of a violent streak in me.

 I have been climbing a few times again - it's been a bit up and down (pahahahahahahah that's the best pun I have made in ages).  I did really well on a Tuesday session and so went along on Thursday and had a weird freak out - I climbed the highest I had ever climbed but on the way down there's a ledge and I got stuck on it and refused to move for what felt like ages as I suddenly got terrified.  I eventually came down and then got stuck again on a kids climb of all climbs!!! I was just scared because it's a weird top rope with no belay, you just have to let go and the rope lets you down gently but I freaked out again.

stuck on a kids climb....

So that wasn't a great session but it did provide the others with a lot of laughs......Then this week when I went I smashed it!! I did the really high climb and didn't freak out, I did a really hard overhang one which I had tried a few times before and not managed, and then I tried a next level climb and managed (with a slight bit of cheating) and then tried a level above that but failed. But I feel like I am becoming a bit more confident and better and stronger :)

I am still a bit out of date and have the whole of last weekend and last week and this weekend to catch up on...but i'll save that for another day!

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