Thursday, 23 July 2015

Not all Crocs are ugly

I've got some new shoes and they're amazing. They're SO comfy, look really nice, had loads of compliments and don't make my feet stink - which, let's be honest, in this weather is pretty important. They're Crocs!!! But they're not the ugly things doctors and gardeners wear, they're actually nice.  They retail for £39.99 but you can get them cheaper on ebay.  They also come in some really funky colours, in flip flop version and in wedges.

Anyway tenuous link with title out the way, I've found my new favourite restaurant in Peckham - Persepolis/Snackistan.  Calling it a restaurant is pushing it a little bit, it's a shop with a deli counter, a grill by the till (ooh that rhymes) and some tables shoved between the shopping aisles.  There's one chef who's also the shop keeper and she's got bright red hair and is about 60.  It's brilliant.

The main menu is simple and dirt cheap, and reflects the owner's love of all things Persian.  Hot drinks come with shards of coloured sugar.  Service is a bit slow (because there's only one chef) but it is definitely worth the wait.

ginger, orange and lemon tea, sugar shards, moccachino

Me, Bex and Liz went last week, and I enjoyed it so much I went back with Dan on Saturday morning for brunch - so keen that I arrived half an hour before it was even open and had to kill time in the nearby charity shop.  When I went with the girls, I had scrambled eggs with dates on a flat bread - it was probably the best meal I have almost ever had ever.  Well definitely the best egg dish I have ever had. It was an outstanding dish and even better at £3.50.  I finished with the 'tuck shop sundae' which came in a convenient child size portion as well as an adult size - i don't think I would have coped with the adult one.  This was a vanilla sundae with lots of turkish sweets riddled between the ice cream - and topped with saffron candy floss (which looked a little like roof insulation).

eggs and plantain (£3.50) and turkish eggs (£4.00)

hot baklava melt & turkish delight sundae (£3.50 each)

On my return on Saturday morning, I had the scrambled spiced eggs with plantain - also delicious, but I think I preferred the date eggs.  Dan had the Turkish eggs which I stole a bit of when he wasn't looking (the old 'oh look over there' trick) which was also very very yummy.  The bill came to £18 for 2, and we both had a drink, main and pudding. Bargain!

The surroundings are pretty cool - you can buy all the ingredients Sally (owner) cooks with in the shop, to recreate dishes at home.  Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area - and perhaps book ahead if you want dinner - it is getting busy!

On Sunday I went to the Lambeth Country Show.  I am gutted I have lived in London 5 years and never been to it - it was bloody brilliant! I was on a date and it was a great place to take a person to, as there was so much to see and do that if you had nothing to talk to them about there'd be enough distraction! Luckily we didn't have that problem, he was a really nice and we had a good laugh. No immediate spark though. (cue comments from my mother about sparks not being reliable bla bla bla)

We watched real life jousting, which was very funny, stroked some sheep and owls, saw some badly dressed llamas, drank cans of beer in the sunshine and watched some reggae. I will definitely be back next year with a picnic, beer and friends!

Excuse the pants photos below, my photography has been useless of late.

Monday was Dan's birthday - happy birthday Dan!! We took the birthday boy out for a pizza then sat on the newly opened rooftop terrace at The Palmerston which was nice, we don't often do things as a house so it made a nice change.


  1. Gosh, I was so worried when I first saw this that I would have the similar feeling about your crocs as I do with those hideous trainers you have (are they still hanging about?!) but they are actually really nice!!! Can I go to the show next year with you? And maybe start with brunch at Sally's - looks so yummy!xxxxxxx

    1. hahaha you REALLY hated those shoes! I am not sure I have ever seen you hate anything as much as them! You'll be glad to know they're just wasn't the same wearing them without you here to hate them!
      Yes of course!!! it will be BRILLIANT xxx

  2. Was that the shop we went to AGES ago after the "Peckmas" fete and I think I bought white vinegar and a bag of pureed garlic?? Looks amazing either way yum yum!

    1. yeah!!! her food is soooooooooooooo good. I will take you there at christmas :) xxxx


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