Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Dreams are funny things aren’t they.  I tend to dream in full surround sound HD TV mode, and often recall them and sometimes get confused between reality and what I dreamed.    One time when I was on holiday in Portugal with my ex-boyfriend, I woke up screaming telling him to get the bugs off my pillow.  He was very confused as we had only just gone to sleep and there weren’t any bugs, but in my dream (set in the bed in the villa we were staying in) there were scarab beetles running all over my pillow.  I had the same dream the following day but it was ants this time. Weird huh!

I had a dream last night that followed a recurring theme, and when I think about it, I have several recurring dream themes, which I will bore you with below.  On doing some research (well, googling) it turns out my dreams aren't that unique and people often have their own versions of the following dreams. 

The dream last night was set in my old secondary school (god bless the C corridor) but featured people from work.  I had no idea what lessons I was meant to be at.  I had been given a timetable at the beginning of term, but for some reason I wasn't following it and had got in a total muddle about where i was meant to be. I was wandering about the school corridors trying to remember whether I was meant to be in Geography or Spanish and wondering if I would get in trouble for not being in the right lesson.  I’ve had other versions of this dream, one that particularly sticks out is I dreamt I was in 6th form and taking English, but hadn’t actually gone to an English lesson all term as I had managed to miss them all as they disappeared off the time table, but I knew I was meant to have been at them, and the dream was spent worrying what Mrs Corp (old English teacher –very scary) was going to do when she found I hadn’t gone to the lessons.  Sometimes this one seems so real I wonder if it did actually happen or not!  

My favourite recurring dream is where I am in a house that is familiar to me and I discover a secret door or passage way, and get ridiculously excited about all the possibilities this will lead to (the parties! The tricks I could play! The places I could hide!).  The best one was in my London house, and I found a door I’d never noticed before, which opened out into this huge additional house attached to mine, that didn’t seem to belong to anyone.  It had lush furniture and a basement and was totally empty and all I could think about was the party possibilities.   

My other two recurring dreams are a bit more macabre.  The most horrible one is my teeth crumble and fall out – and nothing I do will stop it, I will be talking and my teeth turn to chalk and crumble out of my mouth and it never seems to stop and nothing can be done about it.  The other one is the reason I hate snakes – I used to be fine with snakes until one night I dreamed about having to walk across a lawn filled with writhing snakes, the dream was horrible and now snakes give me the creeps AND I have that dream fairly regularly. Totally irrational fear because one night my mind decided it didn’t like snakes any more. So odd.

I don’t know if I believe in all that hullabaloo about dreams meaning stuff, but I do find them fascinating, and it's interesting that people all over the world have similar recurring dreams. 

A bit of googling has led me to discover that my crumbling teeth dream means I am worried about getting old, or that I am worried my life is crumbling around me.   I am not too worried about getting old - and I don't think my life is crumbling around me, but I do have moments of blind panic sometimes at the fact I am 27, in a house share with a cat and no where near marrying, buying a house and having children - but then again I am not ready for any of those things either, so I shouldn't beat myself up about it too much. 

Finding a new room in a house apparently means that I am discovering something new about myself, and depending on how I feel about the new room, what the room is and how it is decorated, all have deeper meanings that I can't be bothered to type out. If you're interested you can look here.

The one about being at school and missing my classes seems to be a common dream, but I can't find a site that's analysed it yet, so with a bit of self analysis maybe it's just me worrying about missing important steps in my life or something, who knows.

And the snake one has so many meanings it's impossible to say which one.  Apparently snakes in dreams means the dream is of high importance and one that offers great growth opportunity.  Not sure how a pathway of writhing snakes that scares me shitless is a growth opportunity, but hey ho!

What weird dreams do you guys have?


  1. What an interesting post!! I only have one recurring dream and all the happens is my grandad is chased around tesco but a massive turkey. I've had it every so often for about 10 years now. It is scary. And I just can't find out what it means xxxxxxx

    1. LOL!!! (that was a literal LOL at work) I wonder if it's anything to do with the friends episode where Joey puts a turkey on his head?! so bizarre! xxx


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