Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sh*tty Poetry

On Thursday I went to a pre-fringe comedy show at The Montpelier pub in Peckham.  It's called 'Bucket' featuring Ed Eales-White and Jon Pointing.  I didn't really know what to expect but it was brilliant - lots of mini sketches that really nailed the characters and had you believing in them.  I think my favourite was their political sketch which consisted of David Cameron's legs and George Osbourne's arms.  I won't explain further as it'll ruin it for you and it's a 'had to be there moment'.   if you happen to be in any of the following locations (or even Edinburgh for the Fringe) then I highly recommend a viewing. Plus they hand out sweets.

June 25th. 10-15mins. The Jest and Guests. Camden Comedy Club, Camden Head. Tickets on the Door. 

July 4th. (FULL SHOW) The Harrison Pub, Kings Cross. Time & Tickets TBC.

July 6th. (FULL SHOW) Aces & Eights. Tufnell Park. 
Double bill with That Pair! 

July 17th-19th. Fri - Sun. Lamer Tree Festival, times TBC.

July 23rd - 26th. Fri- Sun. Secret Garden Party, times TBC.

5th - 31st August (not 13th & 14th) - 6pm Start. The Cellar, Pleasance Courtyard. ON SALE

Friday I went to see Leanne at an 'anti-slam'.  I have been to a slam before (I told Liz that it's called a slam because the poets read their work then slam their books on the floor and she believed me, hehe) so vaguely knew what to expect, but wasn't sure where the 'anti' bit came in.  Basically, it's still a competition, except the worst poem wins...which is a bit bizarre, but also makes for a lot of comedy.

We dined in The Enterprise which is opposite Chalk Farm station - it's a great, no frills pub with a good very cheap menu (fish finger sarnie for £4 anyone) then headed across to the Roundhouse to watch the show.

Most (I think - some were hard to tell) poets had taken on a character for the evening so as to distance themselves from their real talents.  The first half of the show started with Tim Clare and Mark Grist showcasing some of their poems, with Mark asking the audience for 6 random words at the beginning that he was then going to turn into a poem before the night was out.  Considering that the words included embryo, concubine and halibut, he did very well.  My favourite poem was one Tim did where he referenced over 100 video games in 2 minutes 43 in a rap, with a backdrop of video games on the screen - I have described it poorly but it was brilliant.

The second half of the show was the anti slam.  My good friend Leanne was performing under the character of Peony Simmonds, a posh angsty Cambridge teenager.  Her poem was INCREDIBLE - she really got into character and started her poem with a huge scream down the mic which definitely surprised everyone, and finished it with a dolphin noise.  It was amazing.  Considering that all the poems were meant to be bad, they were all really good, bad, poems - intentionally bad, which made them even funnier.  Leanne didn't win but she came 2nd, winning some foam alphabet pieces. Well done Leanne!

This weekend I have spent a lot of time cooking - I am copying Sepha and making up big bactches of meals which I portion out and freeze. Currently in my freezer I have 7 portions of each of chicken enchiladas, veg lasagne and fish pie.  I am sorted for about 2 months if I spread them out a bit.  I also just cooked the most delicious healthy dinner - I piled some courgette slices, kale, red onion on some foil, topped with a fillet of haddock, topped that with a slice of butter and some lemons and seasoned. Wrapped the package up, put in the oven for half an hour and  it was very tasty, I recommend.

I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road today.  I wanted to see what all the fuss is about with the whole feminism bit.  The film is OK - not great but an easy way to pass a rainy Sunday afternoon.  I don't get why it's caused such controversy though.  Yes, there's a lead female character, and yes she's just as tough as the male character, but why should that make headlines?!  It annoys me that everything has to have a label.  It's not a feminist movie - it's just a movie.  I cannot wait until we live in an age where eyebrows aren't raised when a lead character in a film is a tough woman.  I get that it's got so much attention because it is such a rarity for that to happen, but it's a shame attention has to be drawn to it.  It's a bit like the "women in FM" awards - it's a shame that there is a separate awards ceremony just for women, surely that's the opposite of feminism.  Anyways.

I did a bikram yoga class today.  NEVER AGAIN!  I found this thing called Strive Club which actually looks pretty good - it's a £69 per month membership which gives you access to lots of boutique classes across London, including bikram, pilates, spinning, barretone etc.  You can cancel at any point.  You can get one free class with no catches - simply sign up, enter your card details (they only bill you if you book a second class) and off you go.  Kim came along with me and it was bloody horrible.  I completely underestimated how hot 40degrees is - the room is so sweltering and muggy and I found it hard to take deep breaths. Plus it smelt gross.

The yoga itself I didn't really enjoy either - I think it was more Hatha than Vinyasa Flow, which I like.  It was all about holding poses in repetitions, whereas I prefer more of a flowing into one pose and then another as you feel like you're working out more.  We didn't do any sun salutations which for me is pivotal in yoga, and I really didn't enjoy it - I won't be going back.

I came home and Dan was making brownies - wahey!


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